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ZX14 Top Speed Test

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by xcamx, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. I played that like 5 times before i got it :LOL:
  2. Without watching the vid, aren't these speed limited to 299 km/h?
  3. i doubt it, i dunno maybe they are.

    I find it pretty funny that they would lol
  4. Apparently the speedo is limited to 299, it does go faster but you can't tell how much faster. A bicycle speedo would fix that though??
  5. Yeah, and?

    Sorry, if there's a catch, a gag or whatever, I didn't get it.

    And the stupid thing doesn't play under Firefox.
  6. What's to get?, i just thought it looked impressive being fastest production bike and all
  7. Well, it's not. Not even close. Kawasaki has it rev limited to 299 km/h. Dunno if that's indicated or real. You'd have to check it against a GPS or radar gun, probably.
  8. A picture in picture shot of the speedo would have made it more impressive.

    Or a radar gun read-out.
  9. The reviews have it limited to 299km/h, indicated. TWO tested it and found it limited to 186m/h in both 5th and 6th gears.

    There are aftermarket ways of getting around the limiter, of course.
  10. Maybe they are releasing certain models without the limiter? i read a few different sites that boast this as fastest production bike. Will supposedly smash the 317kmh guiness book record by the busa :?
  11. I doubt that the record will be getting 'smashed'. It might get raised a smidgeon, but very doubtful!

    Various sources (although not Kawasaki) have claimed that it's the most powerful production machine, but I haven't heard it being claimed the fastest.

    You would need GPS to verify that it's faster than the earlier unrestricted hayabusas.
  12. anything's possible to get the "fastest". But we're talking about a production bike here. And the claims about its power appear to be exaggerated, as well, if AMCN's dyno tests are any guide. But then, it's to be expected.

    What IS impressive though is a standing quarter of under 9 secs done with less than a grand's worth of mods - pipe and a suspension mod to help stop it wheel standing. 8.4 secs I think it was. Dunno what it'll do in absolute stock trim, though.

    Anyway, it's all largely irrelevant, other than say, bragging rights. Unless they introduce an open class of production modified bike racing, like in the olden days, bikes like Blackbirds, ZX-12/14s and Hayubusas will be just another niche sports tourer market.