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ZX14 Pursuit Bikes..

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Blue14, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Dont know how true the rumour is but i have heard that Vic Police have bought 6 new ZX14's that they will leave unmarked, and set up as high speed pursuit bikes, and i would assume patrol the normal spots. So if ya see a ZX14 up ya clacker, or sitting on the side of the road, who knows who it might be.. :?

  2. I haven't heard of that one, but I sure wouldn't be shocked if I saw one on the road, I have seen police in NSW in different un-marked vehicles though which included a bmw, and a old V8 HT holden.

    Thanks for the heads up, I will let the people I know heading down to Phillip Island later this year.

  3. ive actually seen cops driving around in a souped up gemini to catch people out , that was a good laugh!
  4. Wonder if they'll use GTR 1400's as patrol bikes then? Logical step if they want to chase down bikes.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Coppabusa, anyone? :grin:
  6. It could be me! If anyone sees me riding around Geelong, GOR or to work in Laverton feel free to wave or honk your horn.
  7. Cops getting a BMW as a "pursuit" car is a waste of tax payers money, you can buy cars cheaper and faster for less money. Wasteeeeeee! :evil:
  8. Incorrect. You'll find that most "speciality" cop cars are donated by the manufacturer. The Lotus cop car floating about Sydney was kindly donated, as were the Smart car and a few other awesome cop cars.

    Even if the cops didn't have them donated, it would still be cheaper to get an expensive beemer for the coppers. Here's why.

    Cops only keep their cars for about 40 clicks, after which it's auctioned off. Standard cop Falcodores go for a few grand less than they're worth, who the hell wants a chaser for a car. The speciality ones go for heaps more, it catches people off guard and therefore works out cheaper overall.
  9. Country HWP cars are alright second hand, they're mostly taken care of fairly well. City GDs cars, on the other hand... :shock:
  10. My word, HWP cars are usually warmed up before they're flogged, but they do get the shit flogged out of em. I have heard first hand from a cop that they often drove around in second gear, because it wasn't their car.

    I've seen city GD cars do a U turn across a mounted median strip at full speed, pretend speed bumps didn't exist and other crazy things which makes me feel sorry for the poor bastard abotu to buy the car. They are also known to flog the shit out of it, straight after taking it out of the cop shop.

    The resale value on Beemers and so is much higher on Falcodores anyway..
  11. i cannot see the authorities riding around on the zx14's, the money required for the outlay, servicing, rider training, police packing them, not to mention insurance, and the possibility of compensation payouts, when in all, they could buy another helicopter and radio them in when they stop.
  12. Yes since this post i have got some info from better source and found this was incorrect.. :?
  13. Hmm... extra storage for more donuts :p
  14. What, you think a Kawasaki is going to cost more to service than a BMW? :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.