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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Blue14, May 22, 2005.

  1. Last weekend i purchased a spankin new ZX12R, and just wanted to let you all know it is a weapon. Someone asked to best describe what i felt riding it, as i have just come off my 250. The first thing that come to mind was pure adrenilin. I am very happy so far and can only speak very highly of this machine and the place of purchase(am i aloud to say??). Would be great to hear about some of your thoughts on this bike..

  2. preaty good machine...

    Rise the rear and do the front suspension and then it almost rides like a VFR750 :)
  3. Yes good bike vfr750 my mate used to have one. But why would i want my bike to be boring ?? :D
  4. Thanks for the site. i had a quick look and set up user name etc... i appreciate that..
  5. Good call Miss ZZR :)
    and see you there Blue :)
  6. Thanks, no probs..
  7. Can I ask a question, and I'm not having a go, what's it like to upgraed from a 250 to the ZX12R? Is it a case of having your arms pulled off when moving away from the lights?
  8. Yes something like that. But believe or not you get quite used to the bike very quickly. I guess it is a big step, but i say do it once and do it properly
  9. The 12? Good god. Congrats, what a death machine!

    But if you reckon that's an upgrade, a bloke I work with (who's also on the forums here somewhere I believe) upgraded from a 150 to a 'Busa.

    He hasn't stacked it yet, here's hoping you keep a hold of yours too!

  10. Congrats on the new purchase. Glad you have taste.

    Cheers 8)
  11. nice bike....
    good move and excellent choice
    what more can i say..its a Kawasaki

    from this ksrc member
    you find us here, you find us everywhere :LOL:
  12. Yeah, why on earth would you wanna turn a hyperbike into a shitty faux cruiser?
  13. Nice bike mate. Take it easy on that bad boy and remember to control your right wrist. The bike wont bring you undone, trying to find its limits will. Hope to see you on a rideout real soon 8)
  14. Shit i must be doing something wrong. I've had my ZX12R for 18 months & 30,000km and I haven't died yet.

    Many 'Appy Returns Though, You zx12r rider. Welcome to the club. :)
  15. Very unlike you Nev.......oh wait, there is a Mrs Nev now.....otherwise after 18 months that figure would have been closer to 300,000km ;)
  16. Actualy I found the stock ZX12R to be very slow in corners in comparison to my VFR.... the 200 rear and the long wheel base... makes the bike good for streight roads... But with a bit of play, a 190 rear and lowered front and rased back it gets it close to dimensions of the VFR (at least mine). Where the VFR loses out is the lack of power.... Hance my next bike will be the ZX12R... as it is the only bike that comes close to the VFR...
  17. Pfffttt... Who'd want to go around a corner anyway?
  18. As a happy blue zx12r rider a few things worth doing..

    Change to a 190 rear.. make sure its a high horsepower / torque rated 190 (like the ones rated for a 'busa) otherwise you'll soon find your rear tyre with large bubbles coming out of it like football bladders :).. You wouldn't believe the difference this makes to your handling.. TRUST ME ON THIS - YOU WON'T LOOK BACK..

    If you're tall, raise your rear ride height (find someone who'll make the up bits required rather than paying Kawasaki's rediculous price for their ride height kit).. Drop the bars a little on the forks as well as this combination will help turn in no end..

    Drop a sprocket off the front cog.. means riding at 120km/h+ is a little bit louder than before but for city stuff its sensational and gives you much more engine braking into corners.. Mind you you'll need to get a yellow box from the mob in Sydney to correct your speedo if you do.. (It's also a little bit more wheelie happy but you get used to it *grin*)

    Get onto zx-12r.org or zx12r-org or something like that (have it in my favorites at home). They have a wonderful post on how to remove a few 'unnecessary' parts off your engine. It won't meet EPA requirements anymore but it won't have that little dip in the power around the EPA measuring revs either *grin*..

    Finally, like all bikes.. get rid of the cats piss they call fork oil and put in some decent stuff..


    P.S. Good to see another 12 out there.. they're very underrated and it's a bike you never tire of.. (although that Muzzy 1270 kit is starting to look like a necessary upgrade)
  19. Jeez Aaron, why not just come out and say "please kick me in the nuts, oh mighty VFR owners, whom I am too unworthy to lick the boots of". It'd really save us all some time :twisted: :p .

    I had the machine doing some very un-cruiser-like behaviour yesterday but that's another story :wink: .

    I'm curious why you went from a piddley two fiddy to a serious power bike. Before the comments start, I'm not suggesting you can't handle it, maybe you can maybe you can't *shrugs*, can't say since I never met you.

    What have you learned since buying it? What fcuk ups have you made on this larger bike you wouldn't have made on a smaller bike? What gap have you found between your skills and the skills needed to ride a bike like that at pace? Now that you have a full on bike, what next?