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ZX12R Rad Screen

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Blue14, May 28, 2005.

  1. Does anybody know of company that does rad screens for the new bikes? I have asked kwaka for a gen one but they dont do it. I am also looking to fill in the gaps in the fairing with mesh just to finish it off. If anyone can help would be much appreciated..

  2. mate
    Radguard are the guys to talk to
    unless you own a Kwaka that has a radiator guard...
    like my ol' Zx750

    the 12R is listed
    or try the Bike radiator guys in Dandenong


  3. rad guard

    thanks for the info. do you know if there is much involved in removing the fairings ?? i am a little reluctant to play around with my new bike..
  4. Blue 12

    See if they give a discount for 2.

    As i am looking at getting one.

    I have already holed it once.
  5. no probs mate i will let you know during the week..
  6. Rad screens? I've seen a few that were awesome, and one that was totally tubular...
  7. i got a reply from paul at radguard and they only do a discount for 3 or more. i really need to get one so i dont damge my radiator. Let me know and at least we can get them sent together.
  8. Questions

    How much r they?

    And does he have any sample photos?
  9. Ok hertz i spoke to rad guard today. Guard is $195 with free post. comes in powder coated black and polished stainless. depends on your tastes i guess. As the post was free i ordered mine and just gave my c/card details over phone. The contact no is 1800001189 hope this helps..
  10. are you thinking of powerbronze?
  11. sorry is that for me ??