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ZX12R fuel consumption?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ball_bag001, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. can anyone tell me what sort of fuel consumption the 2002/03 models get? Around town and on the highway would be good.

    Looking at an excellent example for sale, but a little concerned about comments of poor fuel consumption, any help and advice would be great

  2. I owned an 05 model, and although it had all the mods, these things aren't built for fuel economy. But in saying that some of the guys who ride them get
    250 maybe out of a 19 ltr tank. I would only get 200 tops, and as low as 150 depending on how i rode it. Apart from that they are an awesome bike, plenty of power, good in traffic and comfy for long rides. The only reason i dont own it anymore is i upgraded to the 14. :grin:
  3. Problem with this bike and any other with any sort of HP capability is that I get good economy on the way to work and use double that on saturday and sunday. It's a problem when your 270km-per-tank-before-reserve bike gets 170km to bone dry... :biker:

    I remember once I was at PI and the reserve lasted 1.7 laps (!)
  4. I get around 200 in traffic
    250 + on hway
    150 ish riding hard :p
    If i wanted to save money on fuel i would ride a push bike
    But were is the fun in that
  5. Can't belive you guys all worry about fuel useage on bikes, you spend 7-12k on a bike then worry about saving $1 or $2 per 100klm,
  6. I can't believe some people are so arrogant as to judge other people using their own priorities on matter that concern them not.

    Ever think that perhaps it's a pain in the ass to live at the fuel bowser? Depending on the kms per year traveled one or two dollars per hundred kms difference can add up to your comprehensive insurance bill.

    Have a nice day.

  7. hmmm, don't we do the same with cars? Check on fuel consumption, many people spend the same money on a bike as most on a car.

    It's not necessarily about paying an extra dollar, but it can limit the distance riding we can do.
  8. hmmmm
    I get around 320km out of my tank on the hway
    (many trips to PI prove that I get that b4 the gauge 'winks')
    leaving darkies outta corners on the Spurs???
    ...around 200 :twisted:

    around town...going boom to 5ish then shortshifting
    not a tintop in sight...around 250km per tank = 13km/ltr
    not too bad from a 1200cc sportsbike

    mine is a 2001 unrestricted model
    with the supposed harsher FI setup

    hmmm..... :wink:

    my pushie???
    keeps me fit but there is NO fun in that
    its too much like hard work :LOL:

  9. i think the question should be

    how long does the rear tyre last

  10. ....shoooosh :p
  11. Well I'm lucky to get 200kms out of a tank no matter how I ride - but as mentioned, I didn't buy it for the fuel economy.
    I do feel guilty about the state of the earth and carbon emissions, but atleast I still have the CC in the pipe.

    Twice the distance and half the HP just wouldn't be worth it!
  12. So when you say guys as in plural, you are refering to all of us.. :? I was merely answering the question as i did once own a ZX12R. And now i have a 14 do you really think i care about fuel economy.. :roll:
  13. valid point

    my main concern is actual fuel range ,

    nothing worse than doing long trips and having to stop all the time because you just wont make it to the next fuel stop
  14. I've never been on a ride where the 12 owners are running off for fuel more than anyone else..

    And if I was to buy a 12 I wouldn't be worrying about fuel either.. :grin: *sigh* Always wanted one, they're awesome :grin: