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ZX12R - Exhaust can replacement

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Gosling1, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. Hi all - I am hoping to get some advice from any ZX12 owners who have replaced the stock exhaust can. Got a new ZX12 last week, it is waaay too quite, and I have already had a couple of 'moments' with car-driving numbnuts due to the bikes total lack of noise. After 25 years of belting around on z900's and z1000's with nice noisy 4-1's, the lack of a note on the 12 is very disturbing ( and I am disturbed enough already..... :shock: ).

    I would prefer to add (not lose) HP as well as obtain a decent note, so if anyone can offer some advice or opinions on a good replacement can, I would really appreciate it.

  2. He he! Gosling! My long lost son! :D
  3. DAD - is that really you Jim ??? :LOL: You were only supposed to spend a year in the tropics, not 20 ;-) I need some noise on this new bike as quick as I can find a decent zorst can.
  4. AHHH isn't that sweet, reunions on Netrider, what will they think of next?????
  5. more reunions ?? here's a thought - Has Netrider ever hosted a gathering of the faithful ?? A few years ago on a trip to Qld, we ( Z Owners)
    stayed overnight at Nabiac ( home of the Oz Motorcycle Museum ). There were a group of Honda ST1100 riders from a QLD webgroup, they had never previously met, and a really enjoyable ride and weekend away was arranged simply through the website. Its just a thought.....

  6. Gday Dave

    For the HOON factor. You have to throw a pipe on it. Madaz Mufflers are in Rowville. I have heard it on another 12 and its got a great bark. I have recently heard a D&N pipe they are BLOODY LOUD. Would check out a Muzzy as well. They work very well on the 12 as do Akra.

    I have a Yosh RS3. Its sounds BLOODY awsome. I took some time selecting a pipe for the 12 and FIRMLY BELIEVE that the Yosh is the ONLY way to go. It will not suck away an HP. It will gain some extra kick in the "seat of the pants" in the mid range

    The difference in sound from a 12 to a 1lt/900 etc, I reckon IMHO, its like comparing the sound of a 4 cyl tintop hot pipe and a V8 tintop hot pipe. The 12 displays that EXTRA bass and it is a very SWEET sound

    Like another wise man :shock: once said

    You really will not be disappointed. When I did my last track day on the 12 I had a few blokes coming up and asking what pipe I was running. Apparently with the rev's up it sounded the best on the day :D

    Cheers 8)
  7. thanks Dazza, this is exactly the sort of feedback I need before jumping into greedbay and finding a decent zorst. Local dealer also advised Yoshi as the pick of the bunch. But he has a 2-month waiting period for orders :-(

  8. Just as an FYI - the Akropovic full-titanium race system for the 12 will give you a big boost in top end HP - BUT you'll lose a little down low..

    I was a bit disappointed on that front but after dropping 1 off the front sprocket it's almost back to the way it was and the silly top end is still there.. :)

    I figure once I save up and install the 1270 Muzzy kit for it my low-mid range won't be an issue anyway *giggle*..

  9. wouldnt the low end drop be expected with that kind of system being put on or am i off on another planet as per usual?
  10. Short update on the 'zorst - I have taken the plunge and have bid on a RS-3 stainless can from JC Motors in the US, on E-Bay. Hopefully this will be a success, and I will have the can fitted to the 12 within a couple of weeks. This would greatly please my @rse. :p Until I have racked up a few years ownership, a full TI system is out of the question. By that time, I would expect most 1 litre bikes to have reached similiar HP :cry: , and will be looking for more power anyway........ :twisted:

  11. Yoshi arrived yesterday - fitted in 10 minutes, really easy changeover, sounds fat AS !! Very happy camper ;-)))

  12. bluudy 'ell Dave
    'bout time you did sumfing to the 12
    can't have you ridin' around fartin' quietly now can we.... :p

    any probs with Customs with getting the Yosh into the country?


    and yes itsmeeee...
  13. Hi Yoda- fancy meeting you here !! Yes, I can't help playing with that bike, god it actually sounds like a real motorcycle now YeeHaa

    No probs with Customs, the box didn't look like it had been opened/closed etc,

    cheers mate