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ZX12 vibrations

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Jasper, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Hi All,
    I've been helping a mate out with his recently purchased 01 ZX12. It has done only 18,000 kms and is developing vibrations - most noticeable under the seat.

    Initially they were only minor and we checked and adjusted the valve clearances which were all out. Got the motor running well but the vibrations have continued to gradually worsen. He has complained about clutch difficulties - occasional grinding noises.

    Wondering if anyone has had similar issues with a ZX12?

    By rights, the engine should not be developing bearing problems with so few kms on the clock. I'm wondering if it could be clutch basket issue - maybe unbalanced? Any suggestions welcome.

  2. Yep. Pull off the cover, and have a good look. Easy to do. The previous owner may have been a monohound or dragracer
  3. By rights Ceejays bike shouldnt have blown up only after a couple of thousand km's either.

    Then again it's a race bike and I bet its sole mission was to get it off the track so the graffiti that was all over it stayed off the track :p

    It matters not how few km it has done but how hard its done those km's.

    I'm a mechanical moron.......well, I'm a moron in many ways but that's another story :p get someone to take a look at it at a spanner day.
  4. by rights you your mate only has the word of the previous owner that the bik only has 18,000 clcicks on it, the instrument cluster could have been replaced (the ecu does not retain kms covered) or it may have clocked over
  5. Totally agree, Did think about this when buying the bike. It is in very good condition though (motor) and the rocket cover had definitely not been cracked before we did the valves.

    We're heading for the clutch later in the week. The rear had chicken strips about 2 inches wide when we bought it and the guy kept crowing about how good the wheelies were! Insisted that 22 psi was the right rear wheel pressure.
  6. 22 psi seems way low. 28 would seem more like it. Check the recommended specs for the bike.
  7. Just for the benefit of anyone following this link down the track.

    Try the the acceleration/de-accel springs (not the clutch springs) inside the outer clutch basket, apparently these can break when popping wheelies and dragging.

    Other common problems with the zx12 - flywheel coming loose on crankshaft