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ZX10R vs ZX14R - your input is requested

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Viscera99, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Hi all.

    In 2 weeks i'll be test riding each of these bikes. One of them WILL be bought. Obviously they are both very different but to my mind they both share one key characteristic - being that both are the essence of an orgasm harnessed in two-wheeled form.

    Ultimately my mind will be made up dependent on how they ride and i know they arent exactly interchangeable but what i'm asking for is any specefic feedback from people who know one or both of these machines so I can have this in mind while testing them.

    I know that both will be stupidly powerful, the 10 will handle better while the 14 will be more comfortable while making mincemeat out of anything in a straight line. Beyond that my knowledge is limited to what Kawasaki's marketing department want me to know.

    Any thoughts, experiences, or coments are greatly appreciated.
  2. Well firstly i would say get your head out of your arse and look at bikes from the 3 other Japanese manufacturers (at least) instead of just sticking with crapasaki because you like your lams bike.

    While i read that both bikes are amazing, and personally i really want a ZX14R myself as i think it would be the perfect day trip sports comfort bike. Still i have to say there are many many more options out there from other manufacturers.

    Honeslty someone who is dumb enough to make up their mind and put their foot down and say that its between just two bikes from the same manufacturer probably shouldnt buy a ZX10/14R as soon as their off their lams, especially if they spent their lams on such a forgiving bike...
  3. The two bikes aren't really comparable, biggest similarity is both are Kawa... Test ride all the manufacturer's bikes in the same categories and I think you'll have a better appreciation of what's out there than just the

    For the ZX10R ride the Honda CBR, Yam R1, Suzuki GSXR... The new R1's traction control system is supposed to be superb and the crossplane engine note amazing. Also take a look at the BMW S1000RR, almost every review I've read puts it above anything else in the Superbike thou category, both road and track, including the much more expensive Panigale. It also comes with trick equipment, clutchless shifting, wheelie control, traction control, ABS... The 2012 model is even better than the previous one too if that's even possible. I think you'd be missing out if you just test rode the Kawa. If you love only the Green team though, that's cool, as you're the one buying :p. The ZX10R is supposed to be a fantastic machine and one of the better thous.

    For the ZX14 take a look at the Honda Blackbirds (only 2nd hand now though, good or bad thing depending on how you see it), Suzi Hayabusa (apparently that's more warp-speed sports than a tourer but does both quite well from what I've read), Triumph Sprint 1050.
  4. Fair call.

    I've excluded Honda and yamaha after sitting on a CBR and R1 and finding them to not be a great fit for my height - 6ft, 7in - and general body shape. Kawasaki appear to have used my body double in all of their design work cos they just seem to fit me right.

    It isn't just about the brand I ride atm although have had nothing but good experiences with the bike, dealer, and manufacturer, I see these as all being plusses
  5. I'd buy the Honda!
  6. Agreed that based on reading and talking to people that the BMW is superior but the little animal that used to run around the house shitting money died recently so it's a little beyond me. Servicing costs are also a bit offensive.

    Thanks for your input
  7. If you like Kawasaki then there is nothing wrong with looking at these two bikes however, as a ZX10R owner, I would say that the characteristics of each bike can depend on the year as to what they're like. Each model has it's own individual character or ride handling or performance attributes +/- electronic aids which may suit you or not.

    So maybe look at the year of the bikes and if you don't get the answer you're looking for here maybe head over to KSRC and ask them.
  8. It really depends on what riding you want to do. I'm not sure about the old RLs but the new Ninja 650Ls have a very upright seating position; if that's the position you like to sit in, have a sit on the Z1000SX (Ninja 1000) as well. Nowhere near the power of the ZX10R but I found it much more comfortable riding position than the tuck on the ZX.

    That said, I've been eyeing off the 14 myself - she's a big bike, probably not my first choice for a commuter, but I'd love to take her on a week long trip round tassie.
  9. +1 Ride everything out there.

    Think about what kind of riding you want to do....long distance, weekend scratching, commuting, all of the above + touring......?

    Personally, after owning a Kwaka I would buy another one - just not for a while.
  10. If you like giving bikes a flogging, don't get either of them.

    I've always found zx10s to be quite physically small once you're on them. I've never ridden a 14, but if they're like Busas they'll be long and low.
  11. Sorry, can you elaborate on "long and low"?

    Is this a reference to physical size/shape or engine/gearing?

  12. I would think OZmoto is referring to the physical dimensions of the zx14 and busa....

    Like the big bike killers - Again, Busa, ZX14, 1100xx Super Blackbird etc.....they are more like a torpedo than a motorcycle...