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ZX10R/GSXR1000/R1 Which One and Why¿

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Misteranthropy, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. ZX10R/GSXR1000/R1?

    Currently on a little ZXR and looking to get a bike that is fast and good in peak hour traffic as well as on long rides. Would be using it to commute to and from work and recreationally, what would you suggest? Thanks.

    By the way i'm new here and have found some usual information, seems like a good thing.

  2. Depends what year you're looking at, as the 07 10rs are apparently a little bit wily steering wise.

    Even still, any of those will be fine, I've seen an 05 10r carve up traffic just as well as me.
  3. from all the AMCN reviews I've read, I'd say the GSXR1000 is probably the best all rounder.

    But it's up to you to test rider them all & decide for yourself.

    personally, I'd go a CBR1000RR.
  4. R1 is sooo fast man its fooli sik and poolz the stickrs off the others.
  5. my opinion

    keep the little zxr for transport

    buy the bike you really want for weekend rides

    the money you save on insurance, and tyres/service will easily keep the little bike on the road for the commute
  6. ...get a moped :roll:
  7. yep, you're looking at exactly the wrong sort of bikes for commuting / long rides. If you want something that carves up the mountains and is perfect for track days, then you're on the right path. :grin:
  8. Undertail exhausts are UGLY! :sick:

    So get the Gixxer :grin:
  9. Gixxer is a classic. R1 is a fad. Ninja . . . what is it?
  10. Get which ever one you like the best! They are all very good machines
  11. The nerdy kid who turns out to be good at sports, but still doesn't quite fit in with the footy team?

    Go sit on them all. Thats the only major difference you will really see between them. They all put out about the same ponies, same weights, same fork angles, same brake specs. Asthetics are the biggest differences, so pick the one you like. For me, it would be a zx10r. But i doubt i would ever buy a litre sports.
  12. ya frickensook!
  13. i rode one of those chinese 125cc dirt bikes the other day. it was so cool and would completly kick the crap out of the other bikes you mentioned.

    seriously though not trying to start another 600v1000 debate but any reason you arent considering a 600, or a honda?
    they are all going to seem ridiculously powerful and heavy after coming off your 250. pick the one with the colour you like?


    EDIT: and just to add since im stuck at work, commuting on a one thousand is shit house, you wont like it and neither will your bike. the firestorm is a biatch to commute on, hence why im keeping my 250. and the 300 bucks i spend on it to keep on the road i will make back from money saved on petrol, tyres and other wear items and consumables.
  14. i recon R1. why? it can take you to the moon in seconds
  15. If you want a all-rounder then your looking at the wrong bikes.

    Try a Ducati S4R, VTR firestorm, VFR800, CBR1100xx BB, FZ1-S, Z1000, Sprint ST or even a (gulp)...a BMW K or R 1200s.

    They're easier to ride in traffic, yet still fun on the track.

    Or just get an affordable & comfortable daily rider, and a 2nd track only bike :wink:
  16. Get a copy of the British "Super Bike" magazine June 2007 edition (blue gixxer on the cover. It puts all the bikes head to head on track and road.

    The verdict. Its exactly what floats your particular boat.

    Gixxer 1000 - Menacingly fast, reasonably good suspension, lacks finesse in corners and set-up for switch backs. On road, medium ride style with good mid-range grunt, however there is a drop in the torque curve.

    R1 - Best in corners, highly manouverable but lacks the low down grunt to get off the mark. This is compensated for the bike going warp 9 once you hit 10,000 RPM. For the track (and not being on less than 9k RPM) not an issue, but leaves a bit of a hole when riding on the road.

    CBR1000RR - Like the R1, very smooth across the whole range with grunt up top, but lower top power (175 bhp). Cornering is also this baby's trick.

    Ninja - Extreme tourque down low, very very fast mid range, loss is in the upper region (no more to give past 10000 RPM). Suspension is pretty crap as is the braking compared to R1 and then Gixxer.

    Outcome - R1 came out as the best bike for road use with twisties and has a much better finish of manufacture than the Gixxer (the reason I got it). CBR1000 came third. Ninja (below)

    Ninja - Good as a fast trashy track bike. For road forget it. Bumpy suspension and get you into trouble real fast.

    Check it out
  17. Thank you all kindly, some useful and some not so useful advice. I would like to keep the 250 for commuting, however I need the sale money to contibute to the big bike.

    I was leaning towards the kwaka, only because of the aethetics and price ($16500 onroad), although reading some reviews it seems it handles poorly against the competition.

    A 600 was suggested, well... I presume I would become quickly bored with the lack of power, maybe I'm wrong.

    I need to test ride a couple of different bikes, is it usually a hassle or do most dealerships let you do as you please?

    Thanks again people.
  18. There's probably only a handful of people on this forum that would be able to tell you it handled 'poorly' (I definitely aint one of them).

    These same people will only ever get to that point on the race track, never near it on the road.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Pick the one that you like the colour/shape of. Simple. There's so little difference between them, this is why threads like this cop all sorts of replies. You need to test ride a few, (and also probably some 600's if you think they're slow).

    Coming from a 250 they'll all feel like ICBM's.
  19. if you want to be anywhere near as cool as me, you will have to get a honda.
    spewzukis are ghey, yamahardly's can hardly cut it and the comeandsarkme is green.....
    rr all the way ;)