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ZX10R 2007 Special Edition

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by diro, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Hi guys. Just a quick intro. I've been riding for just over 3 years now, but been stuck on a cbr250r. Finally looking to upgrade to a 1000cc, and saw the zx10r 2007 special edition in the black with the flame paint job.

    Does anyone know when this bike will be coming to Australia? Also how hard will it be jumping straight onto a 1000 from a 250?

    Finally, are there any other bikes that I should be looking at? Personally I love the look of the zx10r, and I don't want an R1 because every second rider has one.

    Cheers, Diro

  2. Get a twin. 4 cylinders are lacking in soul :)
  3. Only because the I4's are too fast for the soul :wink:
  4. '07 ZX10R's are on the showroom floors right now. They have been for the last 2 weeks. There's 4 of them in the Kawasaki showroom on Elizabeth St in Melbourne.

    Other bikes to look at...
    Hoon-dah CBR1000RR
    Spu-zuki GSXR1000
    Yamaha R1 (despite you saying you don't want one... try it anyway).

    I didnt bother mentioning any of the Euro litre bikes cos it appears your more interested in the Jappers with their bling. :p :grin:
  5. Will there be any issues (i.e. will I kill myself) jumping straight onto a 1000cc?
  6. Can you control your right hand?

    I went from an FZR250 to an FZR1000 with no troubles; although i'd say i'd learnt about all there was to learn on that 250. The one thing a 250 can't teach you is throttle control, and thats about the one thing that will get you into trouble on a 1000. Take you time and keep the revs low until you get used it it.
    If you have a hesitation about going for a litre bike then maybe you should just get a 600/750. If you decide it's not enough for you then you sell it and get the 1000. Worst case scenario it costs you $1000-1500.
  7. Does anyone know the differences between the 2006 and 2007 ZX10R's?

    Can't find much info on the 2007 model on the net (any online reviews would be great) and the dude at Elizabeth St. Kawasaki wasn't really helpful.