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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by StevieD, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. My new ride, Black ZX-9R, has custom exhaust, K & N Filter, and soon to have a few more mods added to it shortly


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  2. Looks really nice. Then again, pretty much anything looks good in black! This is especially shiny though.

    Enjoy! Keep updating as you personalise.
  3. Nice bike, really clean too. Enjoy!
  4. nice, love the reflection
  5. Nice.... Everyone loves a shiny black bike!

    Enjoy it - and take it easy....
  6. nice one!
    how much did it set you back, if you dont mind me asking? :)
  7. 5750, down from 6000
  8. ta :)

    just asking as i am continually looking for what i can viably upgrade too :)
  9. A very neat example. As a have realised though, black is a biatch to keep clean.