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ZX-6R track/race fairings

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by shady_knife, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. preparing my 2006 zx-6r for track days, totally unsure of where to find some decent fairings, rather not buy them from china/usa using ebay... any decent places online or stores in the vic/melb/geelong area that would sell some? any places i should steer clear of? any types of fairings i should avoid? plastics? ect

  2. Most bikes run fibreglass fairings, due to ease of repairs and for me, bang for buck (assuming you do it yourself). I would imagine plastic will be pretty expensive to repair if it's not DIY.

    I bought a new nose cone for my race bike from an ebay seller who happens to be located in Melbourne (western). Made communication and pick up pretty easy. He doesn't run a shop though, just a backyard thing but the quality is pretty good IMO. Has helped me with spare parts too for both race and road bike. PM me and I'll give you his details.
  3. yeah thought fibreglass would be the way to go. any other online reccomendations?
  4. Contact Shane at http://www.onlinetorque.com.au/

    Top bloke with excellent back up service, plus any design u want included in the price

    his website isnt up to date so either call him or email him with what u want
  5. wet4uracing.com.au
  6. raceglass.com.au at Bayswater, speak to Fran

    Fairings are top quality, mine were damaged during transit and no issues with making it right again. Preinstalled dzus fasteners so just had to drill the oem fixings.