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zx-2r speedo adjustment

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mipearson, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. I've got one big problem with my new bike: the speedo is "optimistic".

    Other than the fact that it goes up to 240 (which is a bit ludicrous for a 4-stroke 250), it says the bike's doing 80, but judging by nearby traffic I'd say it's doing 70 at the very most.

    This would explain the 210kph top speed somebody reported on one of these bikes a while back, too ;p

    Is there anywhere I can take the bike in to get the speedo tuned? Is it worth it, or should I just find a gps unit and try to work out the exact differences?
  2. You'll porbably find that you are doing 80kmph. All the cars around you are more likely doing over the limit...:LOL:
  3. Go quicker, don't let those cars pass you!! The speedo is basically a weight adding accessory that serves no discernable purpose.
  4. bwahahah.

    If it weren't for a little thing called "speeding fines" I'd be all about that. I kinda do need to know whether 110 on the speedo means "100, actually" or "$127 and 1 demerit point"
  5. OK I hear you. Just say you were pulling a mono at the time and as the speedo is measured off the front wheel and it wasn't spinning as fast you actually had no idea how fast you were going!! that aught to get you out of the speeding fine!
  6. if you ride on the limit as per your speedo, you'll never get done for speeding ;)
  7. Yeah, but then I'll fall asleep, which nobody wants ;)
  8. What Nodz said is probably correct - everyone else was just speeding.
    Not sure of where you could get it calibrated/checked, but give VicRoads a ring and ask them to suggest somewhere? Also, a trip along many major highways have odometer markign signs over 5km that should help you identify if it's out - VicRoads again will be able to help you with their location.

    Another option is to get a bicycle computer and hook it up so as to give you a correct speed reading.
  9. I'm not too sure about the speeding - it was a 60 zone, and at a marked 80 I was only going slightly faster than the surrounding traffic.

    Oh. Wait. Melbourne, yeah.
  10. I have the same suspicion of my zx2.

    I think it's just the traffic going a little quicker, I find in Adel that people like to beat bikes down for some reason or another, I don't when in cage, but I asked GF and she said that she likes to beat bikes :/
  11. Go to geelong and use the overhead speedo check thingy that's there on the way back.

    Actually... I dunno if they work with bikes.
  12. They dont with my bike, and they are also notoriously inaccurate (never calibrated)
  13. Get a mate with a new Como to drive alongside you at exactly 60 then 80 then 100. Take note of what your speedo says each time and adjust your speed accordingly... Easy. :)
  14. there is a place called Howard instruments in Heidelberg. They know there stuff and can calibrate any type of speedo.
  15. Spend $36 at a bicycle shop and buy a sigma sports speedo

    works like a charm and as long as you measure the wheel diameter correctly,
    goes up to 999kmh so should be ok for the 250
  16. Thanks mate. That's exactly what I was looking for. I'll give them a call when my next pay comes through.
  17. Until you get it done though here are gps compared speeds that i've done with my identical bike.

    80 (GPS) = 90 (Bike) km/h
    100 (GPS) = 112 (Bike) km/h
    110 (GPS) = 130 (Bike) km/h

    Enjoy the extra 10-20km/h you've now got to safely play with. I did!