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ZX-2R?? help on information

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fingerburger, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Hi guys, been off the bike for a few months now after an accident and trying to save up abit of cash to get bike on one. I am still on restriction and been looking for possible bikes. My old bike was a VTR and i thought maybe i'll try something different this time, and the Kawasaki ZX-2R caught my eyes. But the only problem is the fact that I can not find any information regarding the bike.

    1. Was the bike ever offically sold here?
    2. What are the two pipes going into the tank?
    3. Any known problem suffered from the bike?(important)
    4. What models were avaliable? I notice there's one with two circle lights and one with joint.
    5. Any other information would be lovely!!!


    PS: When buying bikes, how old is too old? when considering bikes, what is the limit on age before it becomes too costly to maintain?
  2. try www.ksrc-au.com

    i'll try and help tho....

    1- dont think so, all greys i'm pretty sure
    2- the hoover pipes are looks only, same as the old 750
    3- they get bought by little revheds and have the guts thrashed out of them :LOL:
    4- theres an A and a C model. C has the nice light and USD forks, NFI on other differences tho
    5- at least they're not a CBR250RRRRRRR like all the other wannabe's have. with a ZX2R you can be a completely different wannabe 8)
  3. Dude, use the search option.

    All of your questions have been answered many times before on this forum.

    Try using zxr250 as well, for that is their real name.

    They are a great bike. I'm loving mine to bits. It does alright against the bigger bikes i ride with. Sure i lose em on the straights, but i kick their ass in the tight twisties and in the wet!


  4. Hi, a few of your questions have already been answered, however just to clear things up for you.
    1: nope all grey imports

    2: technically the two pipes going into the tank are there to cool the electrics under the tank, however they don't really need to be there, more just for looks. If your thinking of getting a ZX2 check that the pipes don't piss you off, sometimes they can get in the way when looking at the speedo/tacho cluster.

    3: No more than any other high revving grey import that's had the pants flogged off it before it made it to australia. Most of your parts can be sorced with your local kawasaki parts guy usualy.

    4: Yep, there's "C" and "A" models.

    5: there a great alternative to everyone else who has a CBR

    and in reply to your ps, personal prefferance, anything in the early to mid 90's, then if you can get a mechanic to check it out (one you trust). And as long as you treat the bike well it should provide many many km of fun. One of my buddies has a CBR250RR that's done over 90,000 km and still goes strong, simply cause he looks afer it like it's an offspring.