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ZX-14 at the drag strip, near stock

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by jbray, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. LOL i like to see it do 9s with me on it :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :butt:
  2. yeh thats impressive

    all of the litre sport bikes do the quater in under 10 secs now.

    i read in a magazine not long ago that the new '06 ZX10R does 180km/h in first gear!!!
  3. anything will do 180k/h in first gear if you put a small enough sproket on it ;)

    Damn quick bikes those shiny new zx14s are. Lots of respect.
  4. Pffff its downhill.

    Probably had the wind behind him too.

  5. How he keep the front wheel down so well? With some kinds of wheeelie bar that would be 8sec quarters?
  6. They mentioned suspension tie down straps, and if you look at the front end it's a bit lower than standard.

    That would help the weight transfer issue _lots_.
  7. In the last sports bike shootout that AMCN held at PI, the 1000cc machines all ran at around 10.5 secs. These bikes were stock standard, off the shelf models. The 750s and 600s ran a tad slower, as to be expected.

    When the first "real" superbike, the Kawasaki Z1 900 appeared in the market back in 1972, it was the first bike that was claimed to do a 12 sec quarter mile. It ran 82 hp and weighed around 200 kilos.

    Today, a Kawasaki ZX-10 delivers double the power and weighs around 30 kilos less. But it's S/S 400 me is barely 1.5 secs quicker.

    I would've thought that the margins would've been greater, given the leaps in technology over the past 30 odd years. But it seems that the theory of diminishing returns is at work, despite one of the biggest hurdles, wind resistance being dealt with hi tech fairings and the like.

    Anyway, I want a ZX-14, or perhaps the mooted sports tourer, the GTR-1400...
  8. In a recent road test review I read, the K5 GSXR1000 made about 10.3 but that was on an unprepped surface. In the US, they're very good at prepping drag strips and occasionally use interesting tyre choices for quarter runs. It's also perfectly legit for the end of the quarter to be up to 4m lower than the start.
  9. 180km/h in first gear... :shock:
    by the time you reach 6th you will be hiting light speed yeah.. :LOL: :LOL:
    how long would it take though??