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ZRX1200 v's CB1300

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by norafugengixer, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I currently own a cb1300 and its a really good bike. and i like the older styling. but i wouldnt mind somethng a bit narrower and more rev happy. so i was thinking of the zrx1200. i just dont want to make a backwards step. carbies etc...

  2. I love my ZRX1200. It has more ground clearance than a CB1300, and if I remember correctly the suspension has greater adjustability. The spring rates are a bit soft if you are on the larger side, but they are fine for me at about 75kgs.

    Flip the eccentrics (literally takes 30 seconds) and you'll have another 1.5 inches of ground clearance and speed the steering up a little.

    Also wheelies off the throttle from about 3,500RPM which is very important :p Graph below:

  3. the zrx is much more of a "bike" if you ask me, has it all over the cb1300 in the power and handling stakes...plus...its not a honda. but ive never ridden one...damn kwaka dealers

    zrx if you can still find one or go the new bandit N... its what dogs dream about when they rub their nuts on the carpet
  4. [quote="ZRXFlip the eccentrics (literally takes 30 seconds) and you'll have another 1.5 inches of ground clearance and speed the steering up a little.

    I've heard this alot from zrx owners as being to secret to hugely improving the ride quality, but I have no idea what an eccentric is. Any help?
  5. You've probably heard me prattling on about it on the CR site! The ZRX (and some other bikes, but I don't care about them :LOL: ) uses eccentric chain adjustment.

    Eccentric circles are two circles without a common centre, so in the chain adjuster system this means that the axle is not in the centre of the swingarm. As a result, adjusting the chain also results in a slight change to the ride height.

    The ZRX comes from the factory with the axle set higher toward the top of the larger circle. Flipping it over means the swingarm is raised up, increasing rear ride height and steepening the steering angle a bit.

    You can't do this on all bikes with eccentric chain adjusters, as some of them already come from the factory in the "flipped" position. On these bikes you can only lower the ride height this way. The picture in the link below shows the axle in the "flipped" position.


    This is really hard to explain in words, so here is a horrible MS Paint diagram. As you can see by the red line, the axles are pretty much in the centre of the wheels, but the swingarm on Wheel 2 is raised up higher.
  6. ZRX - A mate had one for a few years, wrote it off and bought another.

    Love the styling of it :cool: But the range is woeful - he has to fill up before 180kms.

    mmm, bit narrower, VTwin or even a Trumpy :cool:
  7. I have a CB1300 as well.

    It is so good in so many ways that sometimes I'm actually grasping for reasons to do something to it even though it fulfills everything I should need or want from a road bike.

    You know when you get itchy fingers and you want to do/get something despite the reality being that what you have is already more than enough?

    Though having said that, a bit more ground clearance and a new (non vibrating) screen would be good!....and maybe a fireblade to go alongside :)

    Whoever said motorcycling is bound by rational or objective decision making!
  8. I had a ZRX1200R for 4 years, they are nice enough bikes but to be honest I found mine fairly bland.

    The Bandit is a fraction slower in a straight line but much more fun to ride and it has better handling on all except the smoothest of roads compared to the ZRX.
  9. Another thing about the ZRX - the stock exhaust weighs about 1,000kgs. I saved nearly 4kgs with a slipon muffler alone! If you splash out on a decent full system you can easily save 10kgs, which will be a hell of a performance gain.

    Really? I haven't actually ridden a Bandit myself, but all reports seem to say the opposite! It certainly has less adjustability than the ZRX. Horses for courses though, maybe the spring rates on the Bandit just happen to suit you better. Quite a few people find the front end of the ZRX too soft.
  10. ZRX for me definately! Haven't ridden either but for me, the ZRX is what a real bike should be. Sat on both at the motorcycle expo, the Kwaka just fit, but that's just me.

    I can see one in my future at some point.

    AMCN are doing a project on upgrading one, you can probably look at it on their website, looks like there is a lot of scope for improvement if you drop some money into it.
  11. My brother has a ZRX.
    Lovely bike...........once sorted out. Where do I start.........
    Suspension needed lots of love, revalving etc to stop the wallowing.

    Those things get 250km + out of a tank!!! How do they do it you might ask????? Air fuel ratio of 25:1 which is way to lean. Should be about 14:1 give or take half a point. This combined with some socks instead of that airbox made a MASSIVE difference! It and the Tuono (with an eprom and exhaust) are insepperable in a straight line. Have you seen the torque curve? They have about 80ft/lb from 3500rpm

    All this said, if your after this style of bike, once sorted out they are fantastic. Nothing else in this category would come close for comfort ridability and speed. And how good do they look in the 2005 green! Drool........ They are actually quite sporty if riden with intent.