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ZRX1100 Against ZRX1200R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by murphyjr, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Hi Every one
    After a 3 year rest from motorbikes and 2 more children added to the family
    I am buying either a ZRX1100 or ZRX1200R (yes I prefer Kawasaki)

    Now I have owned a ZRX1100 and would be willing to buy another
    But is the ZRX1200R that much better or is it really the same with a 10% bigger engine??

    Has someone here ridden both who can give me some direction.
    There is a lot of data out there but nothing is definitive about the two different bike
  2. Haven't ridden either, but a quick look on Bikesales shows the prices are not enormously different, and newer is going to be better in general just due to advances in technology, so while it probably depends on the particular bike and how it's been cared for, newness would incline me to the 12 over the 11...
  3. my old man had a 1200 for a little while, one annoying thing i noticed that was when you popped the clutch to do wheelies the engine would move in its rubber mountings that much that the chain would slip on the front sprocket.

    brakes seemed ok, suspension was cheap. good for just cruising around on.
  4. Hey Murph
    I have ridden both a fair bit. Worked for Kawasaki for a few years.
    The 1100 is down on power. But for mine is the better handling bike.
    They changed (read slowed) the suspension geometry for the 1200. And I thinking the forks are a sealed unit on the 12 as well. No quick improvements.
    Dunno but for mine the 1100 is the better bike. It handles better and is a lot cheaper than the 12 in most cases.
    The 12 has about 10 to 15% more power. The 1100 can run rings around it in traffic.
    Either way they are a great bike. Comfy as, and would pull christ off his cross @2500rpm. They make that much grunt down low.
    12 might be a bit comfier. It's newer. But if it was my readies the 1100 is a good bike bought cheap.