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zrx 1200r what is it like

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by timbo79, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. hey guys

    Just a quick one looking for anybody who rides/knows about the zrx 1200. just need some info. about the bike in gerneral what the power is like and handeling etc...also it is carbi....is that better than f.i..what are the pros and cons...of a bike with cabs...

    thanks guys :LOL:
  2. I know its an ugly mofo. Never ridden one.

    Carby pro:
    No efi snatch
    No catastrophic electrical failure (unlikely)
    Carby con:
    Need to be balanced and tuned a little more then efi
    Efi is supposed to be "perfect" amount of fuel at given rpm/throttle.
  3. Mmm the retro looks aren't quite my taste, probably 70% the paint scheme though, if they came in black that would be cool.. Sorry for the useless commentary :p The only things I've heard about them is that their fuel range isn't as good as you'd think it would, and that its ultra ultra detuned so it can be passed down to your great great great grandson :grin:
  4. They'll be absolutely and utterly bulletproof.

    And if you get one, go for the red and white. Looks tops.
  5. The people i know that have them love them to bits :wink:
  6. The new 1250 bandit is a whole lot more modern and by all accounts pulls like a train. I guess it just depends on whether you like the ol skool 80's styling of the kwaka or not.
  7. I have owned my ZRX1200R for a little over 4 years and have racked up 70,000 km. I purchased it brand new. I have found it to be the perfect UJM as it commutes daily, tours and does every thing really well. I find it physically quite small and in normal riding you do not really feel the weight of the bike. It has a lot of low down torque so I find it the perfect Sydney commuter.

    To set it up for touring I would recommend getting a Ventura rack and a bag. I have done a lot of touring on the bike where I camp at bush camp sites. With the bag on the rack over the seat, you can strap a tent, mattress and chair to the rack.

    There are a few quibbles that have occurred during my experience on the bike:
    1. Large in line 4, bolted straight to frame so it does tingle a little.
    2. Seat can grow teeth. Sheep skin helps, however this needs to be tempered with the fact that I rode from PI to Sydney after the MotoGP so it can not be that bad.
    3. Hard surfacing on cam shaft lobes prone to wear. I went into the purchase suspecting this from a very informative web site zrxoa.com. I figured with the kms I do if it happened I would get it fixed under warranty. Well it happened to my bike at the 24K km mark, however Kawawaski Oz came to the party and I got them repaired. Problem has not reoccured.
    4. Radiator sprung a leak. Suspect fatigue crack due to vibration. This occured @60K km mark. Easy fix (run blocked off), but it does give an idea about the vibes.
    5. The suspension is a little harsh and believe me I have tried every possible combination in the multi adjustable forks and shock. At the end of the day I have learnt to live with it and never bothered to spend the money on respringing/revalving the suspension.

    If you have any other specific questions about my experiene in owning a ZRX1200 you can PM me and I would be happy to share them with you.


  8. Lots of fun to ride, but they are a gastly sight. I test rode one before I bought the GSX1400. The ZRX felt more sporty than the GSX. Handling and acceleration were pretty good for this type of bike. I didn't think much of it's brakes though.

    Carbs are great if you like to tinker, but I'm a lazy bastard so I'll go the FI every time.
  9. the best bike i have ever owned bar non (and i have owned lots from jap sports to euro posers with the odd metric cruiser thrown in)

    they pull like a freight train and will out handle most others in the naked muscle bike class.

    yes it does vibrate somewhat, but a bar snake takes care of the hand vibes.

    yes the seat in stock form is rather punishing, i had mine modded and recovered for $150 and now it is perfect

    all in all a stunning bike that will last for years

    and contrary to what others with no taste say :wink: they look amazing (especially in green)

    (check out my garage pics)