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Discussion in 'Scooters' started by dreamr, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Hi
    I'm brand new to the addiction and went around looking at scooters today (again!) You guys make it sound sooooo goood! Anyway, I
    Stopped off at Zootscoots and really loved the way the Sport 125 looks and felt to sit on. It also fits into my budget (about $4000 so I can have $$$ for safety gear) I haven't ridden it yet (No licence yet).

    What I would like to know is there any one who has tried them or owns one. I can't find any reviews which kinda makes me hesitant to get one. I would really like some advice please.
    I am booking in for my MBlicence soon and would later on probably trade up but at this stage I only need something to get around town on. Any suggestions? I would prefer 125 to a 50 :grin:

  2. Honda do an @125 and that costs about $6K for a retro styled scooter.

    The Vepas come in 125 and 150cc in the LX model too.
  3. Hi dreamr

    There's plenty to choose from with a $4k budget. Some real bargains to be had on Ebay too. (got to be a little careful with Ebay though as it seems to be a 'dumping ground' for problem bikes and cars etc,)

    Seriously though (my 2 cents worth) get a 125cc or even 150. I think you may regret getting anything smaller as they're generally very restrictive as to where you can go (no freeways etc,.) Unless you find one that's been fiddled with, and then 'who know's what you're getting.

    Maybe Aprilia Habana or Mojito (both retro looking and real Italians).
  4. thanks. I was looking at the 125 s over the weekend and noticed the yamaha majesty - just again that little bit bigger - will it ever end? At the rate I am going I d better win the lotto soon!
  5. I'm going through the same process myself right now, but I'm also looking at 100cc scoots, such as the (2-stroke) Yamaha BeeWee 100 and the Piaggio Zip 100 4t. I was thinking of holding off until the Piaggio Fly 125 hits the market here, but I am currently without transport so I need a new scoot sooner rather than later.

    I had a look at the Zoot GTX yesterday, and I didn't really like it. Granted, it offers a lot for the money, but it didn't look all that well finished. Some of the detail work (such as the flame decals) look a bit tacky, too.

    Zoot Scooters appear to be rebadged Baotian scooters, with both the Zoot and Baotian brands clearly marked on the scoot, much like Bug/Kymco and Bolwell/SYM. A quick Google for 'Baotian Reviews' didn't really turn up too many reviews.
  6. I have a Zoot Scooter! My thoughts.....

    I have a Zoot Classic Scooter (black) otherwise known as a 2005 Baotian BT50QT-11 Scooter.

    I looked around for a bit and did the "forum" thing for advice, as I had a very limited budget of about $3,000. I didn't find the forum too helpful, as people have their own bias about scooter and bike brands.

    I don't live far from the city centre, so I just wanted something easy, zippy, affordable and retro to get around in.

    I looked at a few retro brand entry level scooters and Zoot Scooters won out due to the additional accessories the bike had.

    I found that the alarm system was a real plus, especially parking in the city and the remote start sucked me in completely. Even though I have never used it! Mind you, I have only had the bike since late January.

    Whilst you are looking at a 125cc, I can only tell you about my experience with Zoot Scooters and their bikes.

    My scooter gets to 60 eventually (it does take a little bit to get there, but it isn't too bad) and when it does it actually feels really smooth. But it is slow - keep in mind it is a 50cc. You won't have that problem with a 125cc or 150cc.

    The bike has been great for me. It is zippy and cute and I've had no major problems with it or the riding of it. I enjoy riding it very much.
    There's a real sense of freedom in riding a scooter.

    I did have a two problems with the bike - but who is to say that every bike is going to have the same problems??????

    I had a bit of a tyre problem with the back wheel. But I can't be sure if it was already like that when I purchased the bike or if I have accidently run over something (as there was some work going on near my house). But, I rang Zoot Scooters and they were happy to repair the problem for me, at no charge.

    I recently had an issue with my cut off switch. My bike wouldn't restart. I rang Zoot Scooters and Mark (from the workshop) came out and collected the bike in the morning and dropped it off that afternoon all fixed.

    Two relatively minor problems - but each time Zoot Scooters have provided me with GREAT service in attending to the matter and getting it fixed.

    Even when buying the bike, Peter & Louise where fantastic to chat with and very helpful. Overall Zoot Scooters' service has been fantastic and one wants that if something is to go wrong.

    Overall I can't really complain - for the price I paid, I have found the bike to be more than adequate and I'm enjoying every minute on it (except the really hot weather days - that's when I really appreciate air con in the car!!! :grin: )

    Really at the end of the day, you just have to test ride them (even if it is around the car park of the shop). Otherwise people will bias your opinion of certain brands - chinese versus european etc etc etc.. (plastic versus metal etc etc etc)

    ....and to that I say, there are over a million chinese people who ride scooters, they must be doing something right! HAHA :LOL:

    Just remember each scooter/brand has their pros and cons.
    Go out and get a feel for what feels right for you, what you feel comfortable on, what makes you smile and what is within your budget and lifestyle choice.

    Good Luck! :grin:
  7. thanks for filling me in on your experience with Zoots. I am glad you are enjoying your ride :grin: It is nice to hear from someone who has actually dealt with them and has had a good experience. I'm still looking around and want to test ride several before I buy but I do like the way the zoot feels. I wish their 150 was available allready
  8. Well I wish you the best of luck and LOADS of fun picking out your scooter!!!! :grin:

    See ya Dreamr
  9. I have ridden the GTX and the Sport125. The GTX is a quicker scooter and more responsive. Unique in that it has disc brake on front & back wheels. The Sport125 is a far more relaxed ride, rides like a cruiser. What I liked about the Sport125 as the spafce between the seaqt & front panel which gave more distance and the arms were more relaxed. Disadvantage only in that it has drum brake on the back wheel, however, this is compensated byt he cool features like remote start & alarm & alloy wheels std.