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Zoot scooters any good? zoot 150xls....

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Gibbz, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. I test rode a zoot xls 150cc today, it was the best scooter ive tried so far.
    i also tried the zoot 125 gtx, which was crap.

    anyone had any experience with zoot scooters? I noticed they have the kymco badge on them...

  2. It has been sold in Australia for several years as the Bug Espresso 150 and did well enough. Very well made, but not the most comfortable seat, and not much storage space under the seat. Bigger wheels make it handle pretty well. Sells in loads of markets overseas as the Kymco People 150.

    Buying a Bug version if a Bug stockist still has one (I think they've discontinued them) might be a better bet for service spares. Zoot is a marketing company like Bug but Bug is much better established and carries more spares.

    Have you tried the Piaggio Fly 125? Good scooter for a decent price and the Piaggio-Vespa pedigree.
  3. havent tryed the fly yet, but i tryed the bolwell v125 and found it gutless
  4. Um, 125 four-stroke scooters aren't exactly stump-pullers. They're all about the same horsepower, can do about 100 flat out, and return around 30km/l. You won't notice any real improvement until you get to the 200-250s.

    For what they're designed for (city running including the bypasses and arterial roads) they're fast enough and nimble enough.

    Why not look for a used Vespa GT200, one of the best scooters of the last decade? One with reasonable kilometres and a history should be about the same as a 125 new on road. Much, much better scooter all around.
  5. Bumblebeeman is spot on.

    Gibbz - might be time to either readjust your expectations or look at different machines.
  6. ok finally put a deposit on a second hand sportcity 200. Rides beautifully, and got it about the same as a new 125/150 scooter, so im happy :)
  7. Great scoot mate. I had one a couple years ago. They're great.