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ZONGSHEN who would buy this bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tomcatalex, May 14, 2008.

  1. in the olden days british bikers called honda suzuki yamaha and kawasaki
    JAP crap

    now Jap riders call hyosung Korean Krap

    what about ZONGSHEN ZS250GS NEW 2 YEAR 10,000KM WTY $4000+orc

    made in china like most monkey bikes that fall to bits within 2 weeks

    who would concider buying this bike when you can get a low k jap import gpx/spada/fzr for the same price

    they say that ZONGSHEN are the best chinese bikes, but what does that compare to??? the worst jap???

    anyone here concider buying this bike???
  2. I watched a doco on foxtel. It takes then 48 minutes to buiuld a bike :shock:
  3. Efficient vs Quality
  4. Yes but there's something like more than 100 motorcycle manufacturers in China, and the cheap monkey bikes sold here are sourced from the cheapest of those (for maximum profits for the importers).
    Had a look at the Zongshen at the last Motorcycle Expo and although the fact it's a budget motorcycle does show it really didn't seem any worse than other budget "Japanese" motorcycles like the Scorpio/CBF250/CBR125 (none of which are made in Japan).
    So the only real Japanese competition is the new Ninja, and that's considerably more than 4k - and not everyone is prepared to take the risk with a grey-import or 2nd hand bike.

    Edit: Oh and to answer the question, no I wouldn't buy one. But if they brought out a 500-600cc single cylinder cafe racer I'd buy one of those without hesitation.
  5. What happens when you find out that a lot of your jap or european bike was built in China? What do you ride then?

    Better get used to it. The bike industry in india/china makes the rest of the world look amateurish in terms of volume and economy of scale.
  6. Whats wrong with Brazil, they make good soccer players
  7. I've had too much experience in the past with appallingly bad, Brazilian-made, VW Beetle spare parts ;) (30 year old German-made part from a wreck was often better).
  8. +1000

    Wanna buy a pair of really, really dangerous stub axles? Or a pair of wheel cylinders whose bores appear to be oval?
  9. The difference is in the old days the British riders were kidding themselves in terms of the quality of the British bikes.

    It was that complacency that cost the British industry it's place in the market.

    Now the Japanese bikes are not crap and they are cheap compared to what the British bikes were. The chinese ones are crap and the price difference is not enough to allow for the crapness.

    It really is a different scenario from the Japanese vs British in the late 60s

    If times were economically harder at the moment they might have a bit more of a chance, but really I can't see themselves succeeding.
  10. Zongshen are probably about where Hyosung were 5 years ago.

    I still wouldn't buy a Hyosung... but maybe in another 5 years if they keep improving.

    I'm old enough to remember the 'Jap crap' comments as I rode around on my early GSX250 from not only the brit bike riders but also the harley riders.

    Oddly the BMW riders didn't seem to care... I think they saw all of us 'other bike' riders as being beneath their notice :LOL:
  11. That sums it up. If these were 2 grand they'd sell. But they're not, so they wont.
  12. i would have bought a hyo gr250r if it was 4grand new.

    the only reason i wouldnt buy that one is that its almost as ugly as a gpx.

    New, 2yr wty....would have to be better than a 15yo cbr with a wound back odo for 6grand.

    my 2c. people are such brand whores
  13. I think that is a bit generous. At least Hyosung had been building quality parts for Suzuki for a long time before they released their own bikes. Though I don't get the impression that Hyosung have ever improved.

    zongshen are some distance away from Hyosung.
  14. blah blah blah Hyosungs are crap, jap bikes are best here we go again. Jeez people shit me with their views on these bikes, the only person to bag them publicly is Stigger and he had a bad experience with one bike. Anyway my thoughts are.

    Simple the Zongshen will not sell in numbers because it is fcuking ugly. Don't matter how cheap or good it is, it looks like a chinese puzzle. The Hyosungs sold because they look good, are well built [for the rpice] and had the backing of Peter Stevens.

    The Zongshen dirt bikes however may well very well.
  15. or in other words slickncghia+1...long day at work :p
  16. You obviously have a different definition of the word backing to me.... You do realise that Peter Stevens have only been the importer since 2006. The previous importer did most of the leg work.
  17. I had a good look at the Zongshen range at the expo. I was surprised to find the suspension on the 250 was pleasantly firm, which said to me that either it's rock hard or they've actually sprung and damped their bikes to be ridden by fat westerners. If it's the latter, then kudos is due.

    The bikes had a similar thing going to the Hyosungs - build quality and detail looks better the further away you stand. And yes the styling won't win any hearts, but that's a piece of piss to change. Just copy a triumph like Whoflung did.

    I think from memory these guys are the biggest bike manufacturer in the world, their numbers are absolutely staggering. Does that mean I'd buy one? Not until they're proven to be reliable, responsive to issues and expedient with spares - ie. not until they have well surpassed Whoflung's current level.
  18. Yeah they did, but it took PS to take it to the next level. And at least we know PS will be around for a while, they deliver to the market what the market want.
  19. I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole. I am on the market for a 250cc atm and I looked very closely at that Zongshen. They have their own australian website which to me indicates they are interested in selling bikes here.


    The build quality and looks I didn't mind but;

    1). Low power. motor is rated at 13kw and it's heavy. 160kg approx given it's all steel inexpensive manufacture. Haven't been able to test ride one though.

    2). Lack of spare parts. The dealer where I saw the bike was missing parts, which is why I can't test ride. The bike has been that way for some time (3-4 weeks so far) and the parts where used to repair a customers bike. That indicates to me that parts are hard to get, ex china so expect some serious off road time if you buy one, or have your bike repaired with parts from the floor demo bike. Given this dealer stocks all of the Zongshen range and has a fairly large spare parts dept, the problem is likely to be the availability in australia.

    If they could convince myself that parts supply isn't a problem, I'd consider. But 13kw and 166kg, I think the CBR 125 might be quicker. Won't know untill the dealer gets the parts to put the demo back together!

    On a side note, Pagsta now have a 250cc naked bike as well, for $4,000. Not sure if that is ride away. Looks ok as well but I haven't seen one in the metal.