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Zongshen LZX200GY-2 anyone ridden one?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by wrxbox, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. First time I've ever heard of em :?
  2. Perhaps they could have given the bike model a longer name. :? LZX200GY-2 ??? wow.
  3. Could it be any more of a KLR clone?

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Nothing to be too proud of, since they produce something like a million of bikes a year! They are supposed to be one of the better ones in China, for what that's worth. Besides selling bikes under their own brand they are also in partnership with Piaggio - I believe Piaggio Zip and Fly scooters (both of which are sold in Australia) are actually build by Zongshen.
  5. Zongshen is also in negotiation to produce Harleys under licence. They also compete in Superbikes and MotoGP though they don't use their own bikes, at least not yet.
    As far as Chinese brands go they do certainly seem to be the best. I doubt anything they're making would be complete crap or they wouldn't have survived in China, but then you may have to suffer a lot more minor problems than you would with a Japanese made bike.
  6. They arrive in a crate like a kit bike with no dealer preassembly & you'll be guaranteed to have nuts & bolts left over. Don't expect that all parts will survive shipping! Assembly instructions are printed by the same people who do flat pack furniture for the Warehouse discount stores! For the bits that come preassembled have someone following you with a dustpan & brush for the first 2000k! A friend has one that looks similar to the Hyosung 250 & a Zeal & says they are both about as good as their respective new price tags! You get what you pay for!
  7. You know, if I had some money to burn, I'd lie to buy a bike like this, assemble/disassemble it and document what I thought needed changing, perhaps to write a simple modification manual, so that people could buy a nice cheap bike, grab the manual, throw a few decent bolts/bearings at it and ride off trouble free.
    From what I have seen of Chinese manufacturing, it is always the important, but cheap stuff, like bearings, ungraded bolts, machining, clearances etc that need redoing. Most of the bad stuff is really obvious in their manufacturing. Well, obvious to those who know what to look for.......

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. this is sarcasm right? Zongshen might be a cheap chinese bike brand and nowhere near as good as the jap brands, but theyre not ebay pit bikes.
    Theyre sold in stores here by dealers with 2 year warranty
  9. I think Cycle Torque had a review of these, they thought they were pretty good but they say that about any bike! :wink:
  10. That's exactly what I was thinking. The old-shape KLR650.
    I wonder if they've fixed the problem with the KLR's doohicky? ;) :LOL:
  11. Yes if cycle Torque have even the slightest critism of a bike don't go anywhere near it.