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ZOMFG don't Ride, it's EPIC!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by brownyy, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Ok, so many of the readers here have loved ones that would not like to see them in hospital or dead. Me myself however does not, no kids, no missus etc etc.

    I have just received a text message from my dad detailing the gale force winds and how he struggled to keep a 4WD on the road etc etc blar blar. Some time ago I also got the advanced warning text message saying something about rain. While I don't mind the warnings (handy to know about rain at home so as to know to put plastics on when its dry in melbourne), I do get bugged slightly that they request I take the train home or any other method besides the bike.

    Does anyone else get these types of warnings or requests?? What are your responses to them?? Are you married with kids? Single? Does it bug you that the person sending these messages thinks motorbikes are big bad and dangerous and you'll certainly be killed riding home in those said conditions...??

    Thoughts anyone??

    PS; can't wait to ride home, challenge!! :grin:

    EDIT: This looks AWESOME!!!
  2. Parents are like that, they care. Being one myself I now understand. Don't take it the wrong way - be happy that they care enough to txt you.


    OMFGAWD! Get to the CHOPPER NOW!
  3. Married with child myself, haven't received any texts from the missus since starting riding. Maybe it has something to do with the fact I have life insurance.

    :-k Should I be concerned?
  4. Same except for the life insurance.
    Totally unloved here :(
  5. Same, only thing wifey asks when I go out riding is whether my insurance is up-to-date :LOL: But I'm sure secretly deep inside she still cares ;)
  6. Heh, 5pm I'm about to gear up and go from South Melbourne to Thomastown.

    Bolte Bridge should be fun, it was blowy enough this morning coming in to work.

    No warning from family/friends for me! At least netrider loves me.
  7. hmmmm learners night tonite.....
  8. The missus rides too, so it's ok, (although I can kind of see it from the other point of view also because of this).

    Motorcycling is inherently dangerous after all, it wouldn't be very fun if it wasn't! :grin:
  9. best form of defence is attack
    on guard yee beasts of wild weather :evil:
  10. Good shot it hit a common whore
  11. Brownyy, just as others have said, your parents care about you. They don't want to see their 'baby' hurt. That's all it is. My parents and sisters carry on a lot worse than that so they don't know need to know I ride. It saves everyone heartache that way. I've talked to them before but regardless I'm "going to end up in a wheelchair/dead".

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    Yeah, talk about anti-climax... it was solid wind, not gusty. I will say I've had a lot worse in my 18 months on 2 wheels, and this wasn't near one of them. :( The rain was solid and the most entertaining part was the constant white-wash / spray off other cars tires. To my discovery, my plastic over pants have given up around the ankles and groin... I had a cold lollybag about half way home.

    However over the last few weeks I've discovered an intermittent issue with my buzz box... seems to have power issues when wet. I first thought it was carb's based (because it was presenting when not always very wet) but this morning and tonight confirms something electrical... so I'm going to spend the night duck taping the hell out of everything to do with the sparks inside my bike...................... yay.
  13. And then spend the next week trying to find where you've taped water in and prevented it drying out! :LOL:
  14. Only if she offers to service your bike.
  15. What? Was the weather bad?

    Riding home in gale force winds and heavy rain, and it was still the cars that were the danger.

    PAH! I spit in the face of weather.
  16. I tried that twice, First time i was facing into the wind
    2nd time I had a full face helmet one

  17. My boss made me take a backup before I left last night, just in case I blew off the west gate....im well loved at work :LOL:
  18. My 9yr old cousin (girl) gets worried when i ride home from her place in the rain, but i just tell her you can get the rear wheel out next to the bike in the wet and she says thats cool...
  19. as in a ups?