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Zippers for joining pants and jackets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Air490, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. I am looking at buying a new jacket and was wondering if it is really worth worrying about if it can be joined to pants.

    Does anyone make use of the zippers, and if so, what advantages do they have.

  2. The great advantage of zipping you pants to your jacket is if you come off you jacket wont ride up your back and expose it to the big black cheese grater that loves to shread skin :)
  3. yeah i use mine, keeps the breeze out on these cold days. dont use it in summer caause the draggins dont have a zip on the lol
  4. As PNUT said, it you come off, the zip stops the jacket from riding up. It mightn't be the most pressing concern but it's definately worth keeping in mind. 1 extra zip to do up beats the hell out of gravel rash. :)
  5. I should think that anything that lessens the chance of council worker's bum developing is a good thing!

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Thanks guys. PNUT made the reason very clear!!!

    But I also think there is some merit in typhoon's idea too...
  7. If you wanna do a trackday sometime you need 1 piece or 2 piece leathers with 360degree zip.

    Can be a thing to consider when purchasing gear if you're that way inclined.

    As others mentioned it's safer, obviously why it's a track requirement.
  8. Be aware that some zip together sets of leathers have a 120 degree zip and some have 360.
  9. Sometimes a manufacturer has a jacket that suits the trousers i.e. a set. If you can buy in this way, it would save on the cost of having a zip installed later. :)
  10. Where is a good place to get zips added/ installed at minimal cost??

    Just recently purchased leather pants with 360 zip but my jackets have the 8".
  11. Walkalong in Camberwell. Not cheap but fair dinkum.
    Possibly try Remote Repairs in Little Bourke St. v close to and a few floors above Mountain Designs. (From recollection.)
  12. Dam a trip to the city then........ thanks G
    Was hoping someone might know of one in the west ? anyone ?
  13. My dilemma is a little different; I have a Rivet leather jacket with a zip that runs left to right, and a pair of Scorpion leather pants with the second half of the zip that joins from right to left :roll:
  14. That's an easy fix Paul! Unpick one half of the zip, turn around and sew back on.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Ditto and aint it a biatch :mad:
  16. Are you volunteering for this technical task?? :LOL:

    (And I need a new press-stud at the bottom of my MotoDry jacket while you're at it :grin:)
  17. If only I had access to an industrial machine at the moment Paul....but I will have one once I make the big move, I need one!
    Stay tuned!

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. "That's an easy fix Paul! Unpick one half of the zip, turn around and sew back on."

    ..or just wear the pants inside out and then the zip will be the right way around... :grin:
  19. If I knew where you were, Purdy, I'd come over and smack you up the side of the head for that comment :LOL:
  20. ...and if you knew WHO I was you wouldn't try anything of the sort. :LOL:

    Seriously though (and back on topic) get the zips sorted, they increase the effectiveness of your 'safety gear' massively. The lower back and hip area often tkae impact/abrasion during an off. Not to mention all the squishy bits in that area which you want to remain covered and intact duirng/after a crash.
    I had joining zips put in some leathers of mine. The first person I went (a well known and supposedly bike gear alterations specialist) said what I wanted couldn't be done and suggested an expensive alternate solution. I then took it to a motor trimmer friend who did it the way I wanted, while I waited, for free. It works fine.
    Shop around, you will find someone who can do the job and has an idea of what they are doing.