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Zeus helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Cheeba, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys, I was passed by a nice V-Strom this morning and the guy's helmet looked wicked. It looked like one of these Zeus helmets - http://www.aussiebiker.com.au/images/zeuslge.jpg - basically nice peak, fighter pilotish ha ha and matte grey. Has anyone had any experience with this brand or can recommend a similar style? With the angle of the sun at the moment, even with my tinted visor on I am finding it quite blinding riding home after work. I realise the peak may add a bit of resistant neck snap (for want of a better term) with wind buffering but it is mainly restricted to 80 on the POS roads I commute.

  2. OK, so I went and tried one on and ended up buying the matte black with tinted visor - very stealth looking!

    After reading the reviews and the specific mention of how quiet they are, I didn't think there would honestly be much difference between the Zeus and my KBC which I have always found to be pretty quiet. I was wrong, very wrong - the Zeus is incredibly quiet, has a good snug fit across the crown, jaw and more emphasis on the padding around the top of the spine. The larger gap to the chin bar is great and adds an airflow to avoid internal fogging whereas my KBC has a breath guard kind of thing. The peak on the Zeus is awesome, virtually zero drag but adds SO much more protection from this low-lying sun - I find I don't have to squint.

    Basically, I love it already and it was an excellent price too imo. I think while the sun is like it is I will use the Zeus during the day, and the KBC at night as I am too lazy to keep changing the visor on the zeus ha ha :)
  3. I have recently tried on the Zeus flip-front helmet; very trick, with a 'flip-down' tinted visor INSIDE the normal visor. Might be my next, being a 'specs' man, flip-front helmets are so easly to live with.
  4. I thought only the Nolans had the flip down sunvisor?
    I'll be looking at a flip top helmet next.
  5. These sure look the goods. Wonder if anyone in SA has them. don't like the idea of buying a helmet without getting my hands on it first.
  6. Looks like the SPARTAN armour from the Halo series. :grin:
  7. I think Schubert where the first. A German helmet manufacturer with something to do with MICHAEL SCHUMACHER. Nice, very expensive & I dont think have the required Australian standards.

  8. When mine is on it looks like the old Black Stig from Top Gear ha ha - will post a pic later on :)
  9. Schuberth make the BMW lids as far as I can recall.
    What made me laugh was that one of those helmets Schumacher wore seemed to suit his enormous chin.
  10. schuberth dont seem available in aus, pity.

    Nolans feel cheap to me, though are great in concept. these zuess might be the go.
  11. Wearing a yellow vest? Was probably me. The Zeus also fits these speakers without issue and the wire goes behind the lining around the back too -

  12. Thanks for the link Roscoe! They look great, trying to squeeze my head in with earbuds this morning was a trick to say the least! Do you go through the tunnel at peak hour?
  13. that link, helmet warehouse? looks dodgy as. Many of their item pics are blatantly ripped from other sites, even left the watermarks and other store contact details in the images...not even an email address in the contact details.

  14. Helmet Warehouse is run by John Vevers, and there are few more respected people in the game. John is an ex-racer, and a man who's put more into Australian motorcycling while others have been taking out, than most others. It's a cheap web-site, because he sells good products at cheap prices.

    {No pleasing some people, honest :roll:}
  15. It was a fair comment Paul. If a website looks shoddy, I'd be wary too.
  16. Good to get some feedback, I was hoping if the place was trusted some people would speak up and vouch for it. Good to hear its trusted.

    I gather its not an "only online" business and as such perhaps more genuine, but thats not entirely clear if your a "cold" visitor online. You may wish to mention to him that in this day and age, a small outlay on a new web design can be very much worth it. Theres no email address for enquiries, for instance.

    Hell if he wants some help, even hotmail lets you use outlook to organise and respond to emails. All he has to do is run one utility on his machine, I can remote in and set it up for him, for free.

    This is good news though, to know where I can buy one....only now to find where to get my hands on one. *sigh*. Adel seems behind the ball with zeus. Unless someone with a common interest wants to do a proper review? Maybe I'll start pm'ing around.

    I'm interested in those talking about zues, are you referring to the 3000a or the moto-x type one, or is it the same helmet with detachable bits? Informations a bit rare, so are reviews.

    Looking at nolans etc today, they felt cheap and I dont like how the sunvisor works.. Shoei felt amazing, but way out of my price range, and no integrated sunvisor...which whilst maybe a gimmick, is functional.