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Zero Tolerance gone mad

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Flibble, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. http://www.thisistrue.com/currentissue.html

    Only in America? or will we see the same thing here. This is True regularly has stories similar to these. Absolute madness.

    Think about subscribing to it. It's free - or you can pay for the 'premium' version - and sometimes very amusing.
  2. 0_0

    Talk about indiscriminate!
  3. What's so funny?? Try buying anything with pseudoephedrine in it here in Australia and see what happens.
  4. We have similar rules here when it comes to purchasing the real Sudafed not the PE shit they try and sell you.
    It's called "Project Stop" your licence details are required to make the purchase and your data is stored for 2 years. This prevents people from "shopping" around and collecting a heap of Sudafed to produce Methamphetamine.
  5. But would the cops here arrest you for going .6 of a gram over the limit? Or would they call around, see it's just a normal household and issue a caution?

    And looking after a few kids until the bus comes in the morning? FFS
  6. i'd imagine buying the stuff would be a problem if someone that was registered as living with you had been arrested for taking ice at some point in the past.

    You'd never fix a stuffed up nose again! You'd be at the mercy of nature and its course!
  7. only in america?

    seems no one remembers the obscene child abuse video.
    pseudoeph is pretty serious over here. while you might not get arrested, you would certainly be investigated/interrogated i would think. people saying that its only .6 of a gram, drugs are active in milligrams. an unadulterated ecstasy pill will contain roughly 120 mg of mdma. (wiki)
  8. Methamphetamine is nasty. If any drug should be actively targeted, it's ones of this variety. However if those stories are true, they are indicators that their laws need to be tweaked to remove these false-positive arrests.

    I agree that phenylephrine is about as effective as a placebo (oh no I just ruined what little effect it had :p). Apparently 'L-Pseudoephedrine' is promising to replace it.
  9. Subscribed to Randy for a number of years already. He has a good reliability of his information; I believe he actively researches his stories and his reputation depends on it! He's only been caught out a couple of times in the last ten years.

    Quite frankly, this ZT stuff is bullshit, and though while MDMA is the target of this legistation; much like the Gun Laws - those who obey the law are f*cked over whilst those who are already breaking the law.... Well, why should they suddenly give a shit? (And yes, I do believe in the law as a moral compass in our society. I don't agree with the ideology of many of those who are making it...)
  10. yep zero tolerance sounds good to a red-neck radio audience, but the reality is a little different.
  11. This is why judges should not have their discretion legislated away.
  12. They are talking of banning anything that contains pseudoephedrine over the counter here.
    Like anything else, it will just inconveniance the average joe and not make one bit of difference to the serious drug manufacturers. Another typical useless "look we're doing something about it" deal. The real threat is in ingredients being sent from China.