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NSW Zero tolerance for p-platers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jd, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/comments/0,23600,21025660-2,00.html

    I thought Victoria was bad but seems NSW is looking at introducing zero demerit points for P1 drivers (first 12 months of licence). This means ANY traffic infringement that incurs demerit points and they lose their licence for 3 months. Don't really see how it's going to make much difference though - after all a lot of p-plater accidents are the result of actions that result in loss of licence anyway (ie high speeds, drink-driving etc.). Also has the potential to increase the number of unlicenced/uninsured drivers on the road (drivers who are more likely to do a runner after a crash).

  2. I don't know what the answer is, but I'm sure this isn't it; as jd says, all it will do is increase the already huge number of people driving/riding unlicensed and probably unregistered and therefore uninsured as well....
  3. yeah i was reading that article earlier today.
    i'm all for tougher restrictions on us young ones in the first year or two of driving/riding, but i think this 0 points idea is more than a little crazy.

    i know everyone should be paying more attention on the roads and i've been convinced by all the "safety" advertisements so i know i will likely die the second i go any more than 0.002km/hr over the limit, but seriously if you drift over the limit slightly and you automatically loose your license, thats not going to teach you much other than a hatred for police and the judicial system.
  4. How ridiculous. No room for the less experienced drivers to make any error in judgement without the possibility of losing their licence yet the well experienced can still go nuts breakin the law...
  5. The Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) said P-plate deaths were the only anomaly in an overall improving road toll.

    “The number of persons killed in crashes involving a P-plate driver increased this year, from 73 in 2005 to 94 in 2006,†the RTA said.


    When did the RTA change the rules and not allow P Platers V8's or turbo cars - well that didn't work, so what's next :?:

    I think that getting a licence for a car should be the same as a bike - a full days course for both L's and P's and also show the results of accidents and interviews with those who thought "it would never happen to me"

    Then offer discounts off rego/licence for those who do an advanced driver training after say two years and then every five years thereafter.
  6. as one of the so-called older generation .... it's Bullshit ....... I can go along with the "break the law lose your licence" but as far as restricting mobile phone use or limiting passengers .. crap.

    Why should a P plater be penalised when half the soccer mums out there are too busy yelling at the kids and checking their bloody shopping lists to concentrate on where they are going, and don't even get me started on taxi drivers who can't even understand traffic signs and reps too busy checking their appointment books to notice tey have drifted across two lanes.
  7. This is one case where I think the NRMA is on a hiding to nothing - normally happens when you come up with some ridiculous idea.

    And in this case, I agree with Peter Debnam. What is the point of a new system if there isn't anyone to enforce it? If there is no chance(or near enough) of getting caught, who is going to give a shit about ANY rule! That is why the standard of driving for ALL drivers is so poor these days. Debnam says more cops are required. I agree.

    Oh and don't the media just love hassling P-platers. It fits right into their target demographic ie. non-P platers. So the media gets the bit in their teeth and suddenly the government swings into high gear. I guarantee you it aint because the number of P-plate deaths has risen. It is because they don't want to be SEEN to be doing nothing.
  8. I almost wish I was a P-plater... so I could put mannequins in my passenger seats and waste police time.

    ****ing "Youth Drivers Committee" - pack of out of touch retards.
    Asterisks can not describe the words I have to express my disdain for these people.

    Am I a bad person for almost looking forward to the first kid that dies alone in a 4-cyl hatchback while doing the recommended speed limit around a corner in the rain???

    ... if it's the only thing they'll listen to...
  9. Glove box ninjas are the answer.

    Stupidity detected...BAM! Fly kick to the face.
  10. im full licensed so im all for it.... :LOL:
  11. back in Victoria in the dark ages (1970's) we as P platers lived with the "break the law lose ya licence" rule. I managed to lose mine 4 times, and each time you lost it, you had to start from scratch...

    My offences :

    1. exceeding the speed limit 72 in a 60 zone. = 3 months loss of licence

    2. failing to wear seat belt = 3 months loss of licence

    3. failing to give way to vehicle with emergency siren (cop car) = ditto

    4. exceeding the speed limit 125 in a 100 zone = 6 months loss of licence .

    The point is it didn't make me a better driver, just a poorer one .. but back then we weren't at the mercy of the dreaded speed camera ..
  12. That's the crux of it.
  13. Hmm this despite the ban on high powered vehicles that were supposedly the cause. Funny, no-one from the Government seems to be owning up to having made a misjudgement on that one (no just bring in new legislation quick before anyone notices the last lot did f-all). Solution's not in taking licences from bad drivers - it's in stopping them from getting one in the first place.
  14. sooooo stupid.
    If i loose my licence cause of this i garrantee i will keep riding and next time someone tries to pull me over i will do a fcuken runner.
  15. The way i see it there is no problem with proper penalties for proper crimes... So is you are 30 over the limit you shouldn't get the book thrown at you... You should get the whole F#$%ing library (And yes i have been guilty of this and if caught deserved what I copped).

    But Oh you have a minor infringement and no experience... Well sorry for you but back to the beginning for you little driver.

    Along the same lines. some policing of Tailgating, Failure to Indicate, using mobiles in the car and so on I think would improve driving incredibly, because it would force people to start thinking about there driving and not just there speedo.

    The problem with that is it would hit the middle-aged suburbanite swinging voter demographic the hardest… and we all know how that makes politicians feel
  16. I'm all for more training for drivers/riders. I'm all for road rules being obeyed. But all this talk of tightening down on L and P plate driver/riders is abit too much. gegvasco stated earlier reguarding the media getting their teeth into this story, too true. No-one likes hearing about young ones (teenagers) passing on too early, but they are only a portion of first L&P plate driver/riders and secondly of ofending drivers/riders. Crack down on the individual driver/rider not on L&P plate Driver/Riders who are an easy target and one not likely to fight back.

    That's my two cents on the issue anyway.
  17. It looks a lot like media-driven scapegoating to me, which the state governments just love to pander to. I'm thinking that this is supposed to appeal to all the mums and dads worried about their kids' driving. Maybe it will - until the fourth or fifth time they have to drive their young-adult children around town because of some trivial technicality. Then it might not be as popular as they imagine.
    We'll keep getting this until the state governments are convinced that proper training (a cost) is far more effective than more penalties (an earner).
  18. Amen to that JD.


    I don’t think this mess is ever going to be sorted out – a sad thought, but im realistic. I'm at the P-plate age and I have friends with different licensed levels. There are some (really) good drivers, and some bad who have P-plates. Seems it comes down to personal responsibility and the attitude of the parents when the kids learnt to drive. Banning mobile telephones or putting on "curfews" will not solve this. Drivers will just drive illegally. Anywhoo as you can see i have a lot to talk about lol :shock:
  19. The whole policy is just pandering. They used to have only 3 points anyway. In NSW most offences are 3 points. So it's just publiciy coming up to and eletion.

    Oh and Falcon-lord, the speed limits in NSW all mostly set way too low, so 30km/hr over may actually be a reasonable speed in some cases.