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Zero motorcyles hit Australia

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Vertical C, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Gizmodo is saying that Zero motorcycles are now in Australia.


    This is a fully electric bike. $13.5K for 80km range. Its 122 kgs though which is pretty good.

    I can't find a distributor for them I wonder who is holding them, maybe they will just sell them on the internet.
  2. no, i've seen them for sale in bike shops, just can't remember where sorry.
    but only as trail, rec bikes
    did'nt know you could get the motard road version here, have'nt seen any of them yet
  3. Does this actually appeal to anyone? For me to be even slightly interested it would have to be ridiculously cheap.

    Zero S
    110 km/h
    80km range.

    Compare it to my current bike, for the same money I get +220km/h and +220km range.

    Oh and my bike doesn't sound like a remote control car.
  4. geofrys honda ftgully vic has them
  5. yep, that's where i saw one, thanks Greg hun xxx
  6. You mean your street triple that what weighs another 50kgs? Thats why i would buy one.

    I think it is interesting technology. Be also cool to have a bike that you could take to the track strip out half the battery pack because you dont need the range and have a bike that is all of a sudden probably under 100kgs.
  7. Cool might check them out when in melbourne, anyone seen them in sydney?
  8. Ok, so you like it because it is light. Is the 122kg weight that much of a positive, though? There are other bikes with similar weight that have better range, speed and price. And I guess that is the biggest downside for me, price.

    Is it 80km range at 110km/h? Or is that the max possible range?
  9. 14k for a 80k range?????????

  10. +there gay arnt they goz
  11. Early adopters of any new technology will always end up paying a huge price premium for something that is demonstrably worse than whatever it replaces. Early motorcycles were vastly more expensive than contemporary bicycles, whilst being barely faster and ridiculously unreliable. And yet people still bought them, development happened and now we have Hondas. Oh, hang on a sec...............:?
  12. You ever ridden a supermoto, if not you should and what makes that so great is the weight, or lack of it.

    I am excited because its so light and this is the first attempt. Bodes well for coming generations.

    Of course its dear you always pay twice as much for the newest toy. Oh yeah the 80ks is conservative according to the reviews I have read but you wont get maximum mileage at top speed obviously.

    I am a bit partial to different as I have a Buell and a Supermoto, so maybe I like it for that.
  13. I understand it is new tech and therefore it will be expensive at first. But don't you guys feel it is perhaps too expensive? How does it compare to the Brammo bikes?

    I like different too. As for motards, I am currently converting a 450 exc. But you can't really compare them just because they weigh the same.

    BRAAAAAAP vs bzzzzzz. :p
  14. They are going to struggle, they would be much more palatable in the usa where there is big financial rebates.

    Oh I wasnt saying that they are a motard obviously not as the power is not there, just saying they havepotential.

    Is you exc going to be track only or both?
  15. from what ive herd the peak power is available instantly on the elct bikes might make a great motard
  16. That's pretty wicked. The Supermoto version of the Zero has 60 miles (~100km) range in the USA; it's the offroad versions that seem to suffer a bit for range.

    I reckon the 'S' would make for a pretty good commuter. Very little maintenance aside from the chain, tyres and brakes, and fuel is (almost) "free".

    True, they do cost about $4-5k more than a DRZ400SM... Hrm.
  17. Being gay would be an achievment for these, sorry. Not intrested.
  18. And $4-5k buys you a lot of fuel for any motorbike.

    Great that they're bringing these out here, but it's going to take some considerable cost reductions and battery advancements before we see many of them being adopted I suspect.
  19. 110km/h is not going to go well on a track day ;)

    I love that we are getting them though. Hopefully this brings more innovation and improvements in technology. I wont be buying one however!
  20. Only about 66,000 Tiger 1050 kilometres! ;)

    Though on the other hand, a Zero is a lot stealthier for urban supermoto hooliganism.