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News Zero Motorcycles Receives Major Grant

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, May 17, 2015.

  1. Zero Motorcycles hasn’t been in the limelight much of late, taking a back seat to the goings on with Brammo and its apparent absorption by Victory Motorcycles. But in many ways, no news is good news except for when the news is you’re the recipient of over a million dollars in funding from the Californian government.

    To be precise, Zero Motorcycles has been awarded a grant of $1,009,220 from the California Energy Commission (CEC). With matching commitment from Zero, over $2M in funding will be made available to drive the company’s continued research, development and assembly of 100% electric motorcycles at their California headquarters.

    “We thrive at the intersection of transportation, technology and energy efficiency,” said Zero Motorcycles CEO Richard Walker. “This generous grant, combined with the confidence of our investors, accelerates our global growth, expands Zero’s local workforce and manufacturing capacity, and will fuel continued innovation across all of our products.”

    Zero was founded in Santa Cruz in 2006 and has been pioneering electric motorcycles ever since. Each year, the model line has seen great advancements in performance, range, features and value. Zero motorcycles are proudly “Crafted in California” at the company’s Scotts Valley (Santa Cruz County) headquarters.

    “It’s exciting to see Zero Motorcycles grow from a pilot production line we funded to an expanded manufacturing line through this latest grant,” said Janea A. Scott, lead commissioner on transportation for the California Energy Commission. “Transitioning from older, higher polluting vehicles to zero emission vehicles-ones with no tailpipe pollution-helps the state meet its clean air, climate, and petroleum reduction goals.”

    The California Energy Commission is focused on promoting efficiency and conservation, supporting cutting-edge research, and developing California’s renewable energy resources. Zero is committed to using the CEC grant to expand its production capacity through improvements in its manufacturing line, production efficiency and engineering processes.

    “We believe CEC funding is ideally suited for this kind of project as we leverage 21st century California clean-tech manufacturing,” said Kai Hypko, VP of Operations at Zero. “As electric vehicles continue to gain popularity, Zero Motorcycles helps reduce petroleum use, improve air quality and energy efficiency, all while creating more skilled jobs here in California.”

    California Energy Commissioner Janea Scott with a 2015 Zero SR (PRNewsFoto/Zero Motorcycles)

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  2. Great news, thanks for posting.
    From the test ride I did on one they are great bikes and have quite a good range. The only thing holding them back is the high cost, which hopefully some R&D and increased production will lower.
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  3. I dont like where motorvehicles are going.

    Hybrid is awesome (bmw i8 and mclaren p1 are hybrid)

    full electric just makes me sad :(

    I like noises
  4. You can get a stereo to make appropriate noises. From memory, there are a couple of cars that do this.
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  5. I've never ridden one but I hate it, soulless abominations the lot of them. And most importantly no one has addressed my concerns regarding my handsome volumes being toasted by the filthy batteries.
  6. the new ford mustang (4 cylinder eco boost ) will have this option
  7. I can understand where you are coming from.

    I'd advise you NOT to try a Zero SR, 'cos, compared to your current bike, you'll think you have died and gone to heaven......but the price is still outrageous. :-(