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Zero fcuks given Rx7

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by blackadder, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. hehe love it

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  2. I reckon the Street Triple would be a good base with which to do a motorcycle version. :sneaky:
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  3. I'd much rather an rx7 to make an rotary noise than an ls1 noise much nicer. There's a gen1 rx7 up the road and an FC down the road, they sound supreme.
  4. You must like that one then, doesn't it use a 5.0 Windsor?
  5. Maybe. Watched it ages ago, not today. Just going by the standard v8 swap for rx7's.
  6. Best Tacho ever.
  7. do want. looks like a strange mix scary and funny. i would give so many fcuks to drive something like that.
  8. yeah some sort of 675 mongrel streetfighter/ cafe/ ratty? and seeing it round up posers on their litre bikes would be funny as. something that yells and growls at you as you pass by ;)

    i saw some pics of a worked over streetie ages ago- army green, single headlight, wrapped pipes sort of thing. but unfortunately looked way too fake. great idea but poorly executed imo- looked way too over the top... cant find any pics anywhere though:(

    imo you need a wreck daytona to start with, take to it with a few blunt tools- then ride...
  9. http://www.triumph675.net/forum/showthread.php?t=28936
    ^ Used to be an active member here.

    Inspired others:
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  10. That's awesome, so much presence and character
  11. Lost interest when I heard they put a V8 into it.
  12. for sure... a proper bike.

    i think lsl and ace cafe tried this shit on but those bikes ended up putting on weight? what a laugh- good on them for having a go though.
  13. I reckon it would be like taking an rs250 and putting an r1 engine in it.
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  14. i rekon the only thing that rx7 is missing is one of the headlights to drop down when not in use, then when it gets dark both are up and working-

    if i saw that i would probably end up losing my shit...
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    Last edited: Apr 28, 2013
    I quite like Jamie's bike.. 2min 40

  16. yeah thats cool as, super angry, but try riding that to the gates of mordor. and being built by rsd i cant even imagine how much it would cost.
  17. the gates of mordor being healsville on a sunny sunday hahaha

    imo, if it costs you a bit to make a rat bike then you're doing it wrong