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Zephyr 750 4:1 exhaust

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Joe Bar, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Hi there,
    I'm relatively new to netrider but have been around bikes a very long time. I've recently bought a zephyr 750 as it fits me and what I want to do on a bike these days. However it is totally stock, and while that is nice in its own way I really would like to personalise it a bit. It will soon have Promecha tweaked suspension front & rear and a few entail bits too. What is proving difficult is finding a 4:1 pipe for it. I started road riding in the early 80s so although this bike is a 70s throwback I would like and 80s style muffler. Anyone got any good ideas where I might source one?

  2. Might be worth seeing what the shipping charges would be from the UK on a pipe as the Zephyrs were much more common there than they seem to have been here, and UK rust problems have always ensured a plentiful supply of aftermarket pipes for most things, even quite old stuff.
  3. Thanks for the tip Pat. I'll check it out
  4. Megacycle engineering 0402 905 523 there in Summerville, the last of a dying bread, makes a good product
  5. Thanks dredge. I didn't know they were still in business.
  6. I had a look Pat, but I think the delkevics look best so far. I did find cafe style mufflers from Voodoo in the US that look good too.
  7. Ok so I bought the Voodoos and although they look good I'm not sure they suit the bikes style as well as I'd hoped. So I got a Delkevic shorty cafe style 4:1. It looks good, all stainless and fitted up reasonably well. The best bit is that I can retain the centre stand. Unfortunately it is VERY loud. Too loud for me. I then purchased a Db killer that I inserted down the muffler. This has shut it up a bit, but I think I can get it better. Once I get the noise level right I'll send it off for jetting on a dyno'.
  8. Cool bike, I had a Zephyr 750 & just put on slash-cut harley slip on's in place of the std exhausts, was a bit loud, but heaps lighter & neater.
    There's a pic of it out on the internet from like 2003, lemme see, here:
    Alpine way Victoria somewhere. Oh yeah, I had ace 'bars on it too & that tail tidy was a backyard job - I bought a rear fender/plate holder from the wreakers & hacksawed the whole bottom half off. Phuck that was a good bike.
    ...Oh yeah, a cheap little handling trick: if you look at my rear wheel cam-axle adjusters (for chain tension) you'll notice in this pic that I have them spun 180degrees so the off-set axle centre is towards the bottom - this picks up the rear end slightly & makes is handle a little sharper than stock.
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