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Zen Motorcycle Gear

Discussion in 'Links Directory' started by marxx, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. DebbonAir motorcycle air pad.
    Unrivalled Relief for Motorcyclists who like to do the distance without the pain

    The DebbonAir motorcycle air pad has been extensively tested by motorcyclists throughout the UK & Europe.
    The manufacturer, Dan Medica South specialize in pressure care. The directors have over 50 years combined experience in surgery and rehabilitation.

    Stop the “numb bum” pain syndrome now!

    You ride for the love of it, not to suffer a sore and aching butt.
    Get off at the end of the day feeling just like you are starting out. For any serious rider wanting a seat that relieves you of the pain of pressure points, DebbonAir Air Pads do just that.

    New Zealand customers please contact us. As we are distributing the Debbonair to NZ.
    Zen Motorcycle Gear is now the distributor of the Debbonair motorcycle pad to New Zealand.
    The Air pad would cost NZ $127-00 delivered to your door.

    Australian customers pay $117-30 delivered to your door
    Now in Australia & New Zealand.
    Why are DebbonAir Air Pads such superior Quality?

    Interconnection air cells which allow for pressure distribution of air when needed.

    Individual air pad and separate cover with straps.

    1 to 2 cm of air which moves between the base of the air pad and your bottom bones where it is most needed for your comfort.

    Open mesh side panels allows air to circulate between the air cells, reducing heat build-up to keep you cool and dry.

    The cushion is waterproof, and the cover material is made of quick-dry material, just in case it gets rained on.