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Zed's Dead Baby

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Seedy, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Big morning, sold the VFR and bought my new Z750 within the space of 2 hours.

    Haven't got her yet, but will be picking her up later in the week. I think I'm in love. These are just the bikepoint pics, will post some of my own once she lives with me.


  2. very mean beast you got there.
  3. She looks nasty doesn't she? I like that in a chick. :)
  4. Ooooh baby. Love the pulp fiction quote ;)
  5. Congrats seedy! looks the good this does.
  6. Congrats Seedy, lovely looking machine.
  7. Nice quote. Don't tell me about the wristwatch again.

    Nice bike. Black Kawasakis rock.
  8. Nice one. I was perving at that on Bikesales yesterday thinking it looked like a bargain if I ended up going another mid-size nekkid after the ER6 sells.
  9. Very nice Seedy, a definite improvement from the Veefer...
    Love the screen and the mirrors. I have added them to my list of things to do to my own zed once i get her back (it's been a very long 4 weeks and I may still be waiting for a couple more).
  10. Thanks all, I dunno how I'm gonna wait a week.

    phojomark... if it makes you feel any better your bike was on my saved list, was gonna be one of the first I looked at after the VFR went. I'm amazed it hasn't sold yet, great bike at a really good price!
  11. Damn, that does look nice.

    What screen is that? I played with the idea of getting one for mine (black 09) but didn't stumble across one with quite the same aggressive styling as yours.
  12. (y) Nice one!

    There is something about Black bikes, isnt it? :D
  13. Yeah, I've had 3 bikes now (not including my shitbox 250 L's bike)

    Black CBR600F
    Black VFR750
    Black Z750

    I can't get enough of 'em!
  14. Same here. This is my second Black bike.
  15. Black is cool on bikes. Nice Ride enjoy.
  16. Hah. Oh well. At least 'you' have a new bike! Enjoy.
  17. Picked it up yesterday morning and all I can say is I'm In LOVE. Took me about 20 minutes to get really comfortable with the higher bars after so many years riding clip on bikes, but now that I am I wish I had done it years ago. So much fun to flick around. Can't recommend this bike highly enough.

    Now to start saving for my Akra!
  18. Yeaiiii booiiiii
  19. The spiders caught himself a coupla flies! I like it, but being that I like my bikes like my women, naked I am partial to my bikes kindsa big brother!