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Zeal engine cutting out on 5th to 6th gear change

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by johnb, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    I recently bought a used 1999 Yamaha FZX 250 Zeal from a local dealer. It's only got 6,000km on the clock, and had been garaged for a couple of years by the previous owner. The shop I bought it from did the 6K service, but that only involved changing fluids and checking the tightness of bolts and tyre pressures etc.

    I'm a learner and have only ridden the bike for a couple for weeks on a 15km commute to work. One evening last week on my way home I changed from 5th to 6th gear and the engine simply died. I was going about 70 or 80km/hr, up a gentle rise. I'm almost 100% certain that it wasn't because I released the clutch too fast as the bike didn't lurch or anything - it just went silent. I think it died when I shifted gear and before I started to release the clutch. Then yesterday morning on the way to work the exact same thing happened under the same conditions. On both occasions I managed to pull over and it took 5 or 6 attempts to start the engine again. Also, on both occasions it happened about 5 mins into my ride.

    The weather here in Tas has been a bit nippy the last couple of weeks, so I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it. I have been letting the engine warm up well before I start to ride, and I've made sure the choke is fully in before taking off. I'm a noob when it comes to bike mechanics, but I would have thought that if the engine was still too cold then it would be more likely to cut out when engaging the clutch in the lower gears when it has to do a bit more work (especially given my rough learner level gear changes)??

    Does anyone have any ideas of what the problem may be, or what tests I can do to eliminate possible causes? Both times it happened I was lucky to be able to pull over safely - I'd hate for this to happen on a narrow section of the highway I ride on for part of my commute.


  2. if you release the clutch the speed should be able to start the engine up again?

    maybe your idle speed is too low, and at that speed 70-80kmhs its cooling your engine down, and giving it a lower idle

    are these bikes vaccum fed in fuel?

    try whats suggested in this or is it similar?
  3. Thanks for the suggestions Willzah.

    If it happens again I'll try releasing the clutch and see if it starts.

    As for the idle speed, you may be right. As a noob I don't know what is normal. Something to keep my eye (or ear!) on.

    Sorry, I don't know about the fuel being vacuum fed or not. I don't think it's the same as the problem in that other thread though - there's no spluttering of the enging or anything unusual before it cuts out, but I don't know if that excludes it from being a fuel delivery problem. I guess the difficulty I have in starting it up again may point toward something like that.
  4. Did the shop give you any warranty on the bike?
  5. Yes, got a 12 month warranty. If the problem happens regularly and I can't work out what the problem is then I'll investigate if the warranty covers that sort of thing.
  6. I would guess it's a problem with the neutral/clutch/sidestand cutout circuitry.

    Try getting it fixed under warrantee, but second hand warrantees are usually only useful for toliet paper.
  7. Isn't 6th gear on a Zeal an overdrive gear? Could it be that it changes fuel mixture when it 6th as it is meant to be a cruising fuel effecient gear?

    I know very little about the Zeal but I seem to recall something special about 6th. :-k

    If I am anywhere near on the mark then perhaps there is a problem with that mechanism?

  8. dude
    u shouldnt be hitting 6th up a hill doing 80 on a zeal.
    More like 3rd or 4th
    the zeal goes up to 16,000 rpm, mr yamaha gave u a hint rite there u shouldnt see under 6000rpm unles u are taking of in first.

    I reckon u stalled it on both occasions.

    and its carburated so no way its changes the mixture
  9. I stopped in at the dealer on the way home today and mentioned it to the sales guy, and he suggested the same thing. If it happens regularly I'll take it back and they can investigate it.

    You could be right, although I'm pretty sure it cut out when I shifted gear, before I started to release the clutch. But as I said I've only been riding for a few weeks so who knows what I was doing. :roll:

    If I stalled it changing into 6th would you expect it to be difficult to start up again after I pulled over. I stalled it in first taking off from the lights a couple of times on my first day when I let the clutch out too quickly, but I just pulled the clutch in, pressed the ignition and off I went. What would be different stalling it in 6th compared to stalling it in 1st? Would the amount of fuel going in be too much/little to start the engine again, so it takes a few attempts for the level to get back to what it should be? (that's proabaly a stupid question :? )

    I tend to change gears at about 8,000 to 10,000rpm, and run it between 5,000 and 6,000 once I'm up to the speed limit. I'll try to keep the revs higher and see if it happens again.


  10. Sounds like a fuel pressure problem.
  11. +1

    Bypass the clutch safety switch and see if that fixes it. Just don't start it in gear unless you pull the clutch in first.
  12. If it was the clutch switch, it would happen in all gears.
  13. if its a gentle rise shouldnt be a problem changing gears, if its quite a hill then different story. if its a hill dun up gear till you get to the top.

    to adjust the idle, warm her up. there should be a knob somewhere where you can adjust teh RPMS. do it when its warm not cold, or your gona have trouble starting her when its cold. or when she warms up your RPMS will he huge. set it about 1500-2000 rpms

    try this: cruise in 5th, when you normaly about to gear up, pull in clutch but dun change gears. does it die then? if it does release the clutch and see if she starts up again. becareful because she might jump and be jerky so release the clutch slowly. see if she starts up again. (this is the same principal as a push start) if she does see do it again but gear up.

    try this on a clear road with no1 behind you (better safe than sorry)

    i still think its a low idle, when he pulls in the clutch its drops rpms fast and it kinda doesnt catch with the idle (also cuz hes a newb and might be slow at gearing, dont mean to bad mouth you johnb, over time u;ll get faster/better)

    If it does stall and you pull over, dont try to start it straight away, as you said its hard to start, like u said could be a fuel problem, turn her off, wiat bout 30 secs let the fuel run down, and try to start her.

    while on the fuel topic, check the fuel lines for kinks

    and also when he pulls in clutch, loses rpms, lowers vaccum, not enough fuel? might be vaccum
  14. Willzah, thanks for all your suggestions. I'll have a look at adjusting the idle, and I'll try out your suggestions on the road when I get a chance and see what happens (and I take no offence over your comment about being slow at gearing, because it's true :LOL: )