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Zeal 250 mod advice

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by andy_marc, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Hey all,
    I have had my Zeal 250 for a while now (amost 5 years). Now about 4 years ago i dropped it due to someone pulling out infront of me (choice was drop or hit... I decided drop!)
    Anyway cut a long story short it fell on the RHS and scuffed the bikini fairing and exhaust, also bent the fairing bracket which i managed to straighten and snapped off the indicator bracket. The bike was written off but i bought it back from the auction house and just re-registered it as it was only cosmetic. But now im thinking of doing it up so my step son can use it as his daily rider and i'll buy a new bike.
    Just want some ideas on what to do...
    Was thinking maybe new mirrors, handlebars, some dominator headlights and a flyscreen but open to ideas!

    Also, has anyone ever put a different exhaust on one of these?

    Dont want to spend too much (1k max).

  2. let step son spend the money on it!!
  3. Love the Zeal, not sure how amenable it is to mods...
  4. LOL.
    Yep thats a good idea, However im keen to see what can be done to it to make it look a little better than it is already!
  5. why not keep it as is and let the step son ride it as such, if HE wants to spend on it, then let him, otherwise he's bound to scratchit/drop it so save on the money and heartache :)
  6. Regardless of if he should spend the money or not...
    This is not why i posted.
    I just wanted some ideas on doing it up.
    Where is the best place to get parts from?
    Ive never done up a bike before and im keen on making this a project for myself.
  7. mate do it up for sure!! the boy will love it! get him involved so he has a piece of himself in it and you cant loose.

    ive just started working on my bike and have looked at the dominator headlights. i found a set with indicators and mounting brackets that will clamp straight onto forks for under $200 on ebay. bar end mirrors look pretty tops and make it easier to see past your body. couldnt help you with the bars but the flyscreen might mess the look up a bit.

    if he is a bit of a pain in the ass you could always put some bar end streamers on it. my girls would love that! lol.
  8. Well cant decide which mirrors to get. Thought about bar end ones but then decided against it
    So its either these
    or these..

    Also im going to update the indicators with these

    As far as a headlight... im now tossing up between a twin dominators or something like this...

    I think the carbon fibre look would be great for the bike..
    There is also a guy on Ebay who sells aftermarket exhausts for the zeal for 185 bucks

    Love some opinions.. Anyone bought a exhaust off this guy on ebay before?
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  9. The reason I haven't listed that exhaust in the non-oem part of Zealous is because of his feedback. I'd certainly be interested in obtaining one seeing as I have a spare exhaust so cutting and welding is no issue but if I was going to go to all that trouble I'd look into adding an EXUP system from the FZR250R with a small turbo and 'appropriate' gearing but no longer will it be permit legal. :p

    Those top mirrors I like a lot,
    Please keep us updated!

    Speaking of mods, I'm thinking of purchasing these for my Zeal to get rid of this ugly bulk OEM brake gear but based on my experience those with bad feedback on eBay usually earn it for a reason so I'm hesitant. But the price $90 is unreal...: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/140521713119?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649

  10. I like those levers as well!
    As for the exhaust from what i can tell doesnt look like anyone has bought one off him for a zeal (there are no pics with it mounted on a zeal eaither) so yeah a bit hesitant. Not that my exhaust is in bad condition anyway (there is a scratch on it but thats it)
  11. top mirrors for sure. they look like they have more reach so they will view past rider easier.
  12. i used to have one, amongst about 30 other bikes LOL

    i took the air cleaner out and gutted the exhaust

    it used to scream... awesome little bike, went very well for a 250, but drank like a big bike
  13. Taking the air filter out, there's a thought! BTW I've got one in Melbourne that's up for sale if anyone wants it!
  14. Thats an unreal price for a kit like that! Tempted to order it. But there does not seem to be a mounting point for mirrors. And, is the connection to the brake hose same as OEM?


  15. Regarding that set the clutch lever does come with a mirror mount

    I know for certain that they'll fit the bars as they're standard 7/8", and there's plenty of alternative methods to install mirrors. You can get these for example:


    $8.99 Incl free postage

    Check this page out, these lots of variations of mirror clamps, including a CNC version (Right) $12.00 which would suit those levers.

    Those levers are available in blue, red, black and gold from Factory Kiss. Chrome available here:


    $90 incl free postage

    I emailed the seller regarding banjo bolt size, will get back to you next 2 days.

    I ordered this instead, I should've went for the CNC stuff but I like this master cylinder, real neat and tidy, and cheap :p I've also found a matching clutch lever and I've sent away my brake lines for proper measurement for some stainless steel brake lines.

    None of the above gear is Aust approved as far as I know so buy and use at own risk but if you're sensible all should be good.


    - Zealous
  16. :-k What kind of money would be required to persuade you into selling that spare exhaust you have?

    P.S. Great work on the website, it's been very handy to me!
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    The exhaust isn't in very good condition, I mean it works and is free of rust but it has had touch up work done to the exhaust. They need a good clean and the baffles inside broke by previous owner so if installed your bike will sound like this:


    These are it:

    Note the touch up work toward the rear:


    Update: my new $27 brake master cylinder arrived yesterday, less than 2 week from purchase date. Fits nicely and great quality for the price, too.


    If still interested in the exhaust contact thru yamahafzx250zeal@gmail.com

    Feels like I've hijacked this thread, sorry pal.


    - Zealous
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    Hey Zealous,
    I noticed in one of your pics you removed the bikini fairing and hadlight.. so what type of headlight you have on it now?
  19. Right now I have an original round headlight. This bikini headlight I've had for a while now but I haven't installed it yet. I first need to find an auto-paint store to match my current blue.

    I don't know about installing this headlight, it works but I like the nostalgic look of round headlights but at the same time I love the look of this headlight and fairing; IMO it makes the Zeal look more aggressive and it's super bright so effective at night.
    But atm it's just an ornament.

    - Aaron
  20. Lol that eBay seller said, "Banjo is standard".