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Zeal 250 getting stuck in neutral

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by kicks mcknife, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Hello all who care to help me!
    Yesterday on my way to work after i had been on my bike for about 15 minutes in stop start traffic i rolled up to a set of lights, popped it into neutral and sat there for a minute, when the lights were about to turn green i went to drop it back into 1st, but it wouldn't go, so i shifted up then back down to see if it was just the light staying on. The shifting would go up into second and all above, but when coming down to 1st it stayed in neutral, i rolled the bike back and forth a bit to no avail, after 30 seconds or so of this i just revved it a higher than usual and took off in second. (Thank god I'm an L plater and had someone understanding behind me).
    Later in the afternoon while i was riding home the same thing happened again.
    a similar thing happened to me once about 3 weeks ago as well, but that time it did eventually pop back into first after i rolled back and forward and shifted up and down for a while (at the time i was in my nice quiet little street so no cars to worry about)

    The bike is a yamaha zeal 250 1998 (or 1997 I am not positive right now as I'm at work)

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance :D

  2. The easiest thing to check is to make sure the gear pedal/ remote rod/ shift link isn't fouling on the frame or engine.

    Sometimes the adjustment on the rod will slowly wind itself out over time and cause the pedal to touch the frame or engine when it is almost fully depressed. It always makes first gear hard to select but sometimres doesn't affect other gears when down-shifting.
  3. Thanks for the reply,
    I had a look at the gear shift, and i cant see anywhere that it would be touching either the engine or the parts around it that would cause it to mess up like that. i pushed it up and down while stationary and rode it around a bit today and it seems ok again. But like i said, it had happened to a lesser degree before.
    Ill keep an eye on it and pull over to check it right away if it happens again.

  4. Difficulty shifting can also be related to the chain and the engine oil - how recently have both been checked?
  5. about two weeks ago me and my brother topped up the engine oil so that should be ok, however i have not had the chain checked since i only bought hte bike about 5 weeks ago. I have lubed it and cleaned it twice though.
    like just a quick scrub with firm tooth brush get all the big crap off and then lubed it up.
    However apart from that the chain tension is fine, what would be the problem to do with the chain that i should be specificaly looking at ?
  6. Try releasing the clutch slowly while applying downward pressure to the gear lever, see if it pops into first.
  7. are you working down through the gears before going into neutral? for example if you go from 3rd to neutral without going through 2nd and first
    (ie without changing into these gears and releasing the clutch) you might get the problem you have. It sometimes happens to me if I have to stop quickly and don't have a chance to change down as I'm stopping.
  8. That could be what is happening, as it has not happened to me today while i was riding, but the other day both times it happened was at the lights after i had dropped down through the gears without letting each one engauge. Ill let each one get used now while i am down shifting and see if this helps.

    Thanks guys!