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Zapruder's other hobby......

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Zapruder, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. HI All, I'm not one much for talking, prefer to watch and listen to be honest, none the less I joined so I should try and put some words down.

    My current ride is a devil red Triumph Tiger 1050 SE. I used to own a very boring M50, which served it's purpose but the engines just didn't quite keep up.... I just love the look of this bike and have wanted one for years. Absolutely love it, especially that lovely growl and splutter the Arrow pipe gives when you open her up, then back off, then open her up, then back off!! I was on a work trip in Melbourne and saw her in the showroom and just had to have it, there and then. It was a Friday arvo and I was in business suit with no bike gear so I just bought a cheap helmet gloves and a rain suit, hopped on her and drove through the night back home to Sydney. And wasn't it pissing down with rain all the way....

    12 hours later, one speeding ticket and MANY pissed off koalas and truck drivers later (the woeful headlights where looking up and to the left), I made it home, soaking wet but thoroughly stoked. I have put 20,000 on her the past ten months and apart from a typical Triumph oil leak, broken gear leaver and the aforementioned crap headlights, I still can't wait to jump on and go for a ride.

    I work out of Sydney and travel a bit and as I don't own a car I need a bike that can chew up miles in comfort but still scare the crap out of me when I get of the highways. Perfect bike.

    Beyond that I'm just a bloke who enjoys the odd smoke and a beer and like minded company, which I imagine I shall find here.

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  2. Welcome to NR ZapruderZapruder and wow, what an adventure getting your bike home!
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  3. Welcome Zapruder, I have seen your film ;) Sad the 1050's headlights aren't up to the job, you would expect that would be something Motorcycle designers would get right now days. Epic story of its purchase and first ride by the way.
  4. Welcome, I wanted a little more off road ability - I agree, nothing else sounds like that triple.
  5. Ello mate. Welcome aboard.
  6. As above..epic story. I love reading such stories...stuff that makes motorbikes and riding even more interesting.

    A similar story about buying a car and riding it to Sydney would never have raised an eyebrow but in your case, it's an adventure..

    Welcome to NR..Do You take pictures during your travels?
  7. Now that's what I call impulse buying ZapruderZapruder! Let's go shopping :)
    Welcome and I love your tag...do you film as well ;)
  8. Welcome mate, way to go!
  9. Welcome to NR!
  10. welcome aboard :]
  11. Hi guys, thanks for your replies, been on a well deserved break out of reach of the internet, which is not always a bad thing.
    I don't do the filming thing, I prefer my memories to remain where they belong, inside my head. That being said I would like to record the prick who booked me for going slightly ;-) over the limit at 2.30am in the middle of no where trying to explain why I am a menace to society.... my view that there is NO ONE else on the road and I am cold and wet and want to get home did not seem to be of any interest what so ever and of course, if you have ridden one of these mighty beasts you will understand that 1mm of throttle equates to about 20km/ph can be problematic to these donut gobblers! I have since learned throttle control, thus no double demerits this long week end!
  12. Hi Kalkadar, I'm a Cairns boy myself, love the place. Been Sydney bound lately. I agree, this weighty beast is crap on gravel, too top heavy.
  13. thanks Chris. Should have received an Oscar for that film, but then they might have shot me as well ;-) And yes, how hard is to supply two head lights and make BOTH of them be of some value?? I mean, do they ride these things before they put them to market??
  14. Welcome, what a way to get accustomed to your new ride and its idiosycrasies