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Zan's Semi Serious Crash...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by zan, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Hi guys... where to begin... this will be a long detailed story with pictures, so sit down and grab some popcorn...


    So, some background info about myself. Been riding for around 4 months, just got my Ps a couple of days ago and was feeling relatively 'invincible'. I haven't had a 'crash' since I dropped my bike a few times the first week I got my bike.

    So, it's 10:30pm on a Saturday night. I'm home alone and bored out of my brains, so I decided to kill some time by going for a ride to the local empty supermarket and practice some emergency stops.

    The first thing I notice when I hop on my bike is that my tinted visor (yeah I know, big mistake) was dirty from the rain the other day and this reduced my visibility even more, but I decided to ride and clean it when I got back (bigger mistake).

    I pull into the carpark and ride along nicely and this is where I notice a parked car to my right with people inside. This draws my attention away from the front of my bike and as I'm STILL looking at the car I speed up a bit because as far as my eyes could tell when I last looked in front, there was nothing but clear road. But what was really hiding behind all those dark shades was a curb.

    This is the curb with parts of my bike scattered all over the floor.

    I'm not sure if I slammed on the breaks or just hit the curb, all I know is I landed 2 metres away from my bike on my knees. I was probably travelling at around 40kms.

    I instantly entered a state of a shock, I couldn't believe what I had just done. I rolled around like a little baby screaming with pain as the people in car came out and helped me lift the bike back up. They soon left as I started making phone calls to my family - no one picks up. Great, my knees are bleeding like crazy and my bike isn't going anywhere fast.

    I make the decision to walk home (it's around the block) despite all the pain in my knees. After an angry facebook status update, I could finally get in touch with my sister. She came home with her boyfriend to take me to the hospital. My first concern was leaving my pride and joy in an empty carpack on a Saturday night, so we head back to the carpack and push the bike all the way to my garage.

    This is what happens when you land on your knees @ 40kmh without leather protection

    This is getting a bit long so I'll make my recovery part as brief as possible. I was wearing pretty much all the gear I own (textile jacket, leather gloves, helmet), but since I landed on my knees with jeans, it wasn't pretty. The doctors were contemplating a skin graft, but decided to just go with a scrub clean and remove the infected skin around the wound. I went under for about an hour.

    My helmet - essentially saved me from some serious damage.

    I liked these pair of jeans :(

    Finally home and the bike isn't looking pretty either. It will be out of action for at least a month as I round up the parts/money to fix it. The right side of the bike is completed fcked. The throttle is jammed, needs a new right fairing, new right indicator, massive tank dent and one of the metal pieces that holds up the odo and right indicator needs to be re-welded.

    The bike :(

    Lessons learned?
    • Never wear a iridium visor at night (no matter how cool it looks)
    • Invest in some leather pants

    Got a lot of time to think about the accident as I will most likely be taking the train for the next month of so as I round up the money to repair the bike and invest in some good leathers. It still amazes me this can happen when travelling @ 40kms... imagine what my knees would of been like had I been travelling 100kms+.

    Knees are still in bandages and I'm on antibiotics and painkillers for the next week and will have a checkup on Monday. Should make a full recovery.

    Thanks for reading.

    Ride safe.

    - zan
  2. Sheesh! What a big, expensive and painful lesson.... I'm not an expert on bikes but you should check there is no fork or frame damage to the bike as well... that could be a problem, not just the external cosmetic stuff like fairings etc.... Heal well...
  3. I don't know about the picture quality but the forks actually look bent just looking at that picture. Anyway, you have enough on your plate it would seem.
  4. could be wrong but i've seen' pics of bikes that've been written off with less damage than that....best of luck getting her back on road bud - love the gpx's especially that paint scheme...glad to hear your ok (and +1 on the iridium visor....if i get caught up at night with mine i'll sooner choke on bugs than rely on that)
  5. What was it about the car that attracted your attention?
  6. Yep, those forks look bent to me, which is exactly what I would expect from hitting something straight on at 40kph. If it was up to an insurance, my guess is that your bike would be a write-off. But GPX's are everywhere, so you should be able to get a lot of second-hand parts from wreckers.

    If you don't want to get it checked professionally, I'd at least strip the bike and check visually for bends/damage to the frame.

    If you can't see well, ride with your visor up. You sometimes cop a bug to the face/eye but it's not that bad. I ride visor up about 75% of the time. I don't know how other Netrider's go, but in heavy rain at night riding visor up is the only way I can see anything on the road.
  7. And why don't your "lessons learned" include something about paying attention to where you're going rather than WHATEVER it was in the car?
    Sounds harsh, doesn't it? I'm concerned your lessons are more about damage mitigation than crash prevention however, so I think it's warranted...
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  9. I don't know about 75% of the time, but there are certainly occasions when visor up is appropriate and the lesser of the risks. Not just for visibility reasons either. I doubt if there's a helmet yet made with a ventilation system that can cope with really slow traffic on 40+ days without suffocating you.
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    Heal up quick mate, and yep, 99% sure those forks are bent... gotta ask, do you have insurance?? Also Kevlar lined jeans would've given you another 2 seconds or so of protection before the friction tore them open.
  11. Don't do 40klms per hour in a dark car-park.

    Glad you're going to be ok.

    ps. get a clear visor and use it.
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  12. Arrrr, that looks horrible. I hope you recover quickly.

    One thing i might note is that curbs like that, normally have reflective strips or high vis paint. It might be worth writing a letter to the parking lot owners detailing your accident and suggesting they paint the curbs. I really doubt you have any legal legs to stand on with aportioning blame to them (although I could be wrong I am in no way or shape trained in law). But atleast you could get them to afix some high vis strips to them so noone else does the same thing.
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  13. shattered knee cap means you get a new artificial knee put in every 7-8 years for the rest of your life. they just wear out. each time is a year or so when you can't walk.
    stop being a dumbass.
    you were lucky this time.
  14. Yep, I have it up most of the time for comfort reasons (easy breathing). But my helmet has an inbuilt sun visor than comes down about half way, which I can use to protect my eyes and look cool during daylight hours. But in the dark and rain, there's just no way I can see anything without lights through the main visor, and I'd rather get pelted with water in the eyes than ride a motorcycle blind.
  15. ^those type suck ass. they cut of circulation and you get cramps. they get hot and bothersome in summer.

    something like in vids below is better and full length boots help hold them in place.
    on a motorcycle your legs are the crumple zone.

  16. Must be you then because I don't have an issue with them at all. Can (and have) worn them all day with no problem. I rarely bother taking them off.
  17. Damn sorry to hear about it. Hope you get better soon. Thanks for sharing.

    I was actually thinking about an upgrade from my kevlar cargos to leather pants but was apprehensive that I might like look a doof when I go for rides in leathers and knee sliders on a 250cc... but seeing the damage from just a 40kph crash if I'm going to be coming off at +60kph whether I'm in a 250 or 1000cc I think I'm going to be thankful for the leathers. Am I wrong in my thinking people?
  18. Thanks for the replies.

    I don't expect any sympathy from anyone. I understand this is 100% my mistake and MANY lessons have been learned.

    What attracted to me to the car? Nothing really, there was a light on and I was just being curious and looking inside, riding along with my head to the right. YES I should of been looking ahead of me ESPECIALLY with a dark visor during the night (noted NiteKreeper).

    The speed was also an issue, I don't know why I sped up, but it was way too fast for a car park.

    Do I have insurance? 3rd party. Not much help here.

    Ahh well, I'll check those forks out later. It's too painful to be recovering physically and then having to look at the bike your just screwed up from your dumbass mistake.
  19. Definitely not. Ride what YOU feel comfortable in.

    I'm not here to promote leathers/protection, thats everyones personal preference. More so to promote the RISKS that you have to accept when not protecting yourself.

    I understood the risks of riding in jeans and looks like I took it right in the face (or the knee :p).
  20. Oh and by the way:

    You missed a RIPPER opportunity for a "I used to be a rider, until I took an arrow to the knee" joke ;)
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