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Zaidee's Foundation support now available via our Store

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Folks,

    The following items are now available from the Netrider store.

    Zaidee's Foundation Pins and Patches.

    They can be found here

    Your support is greatly appreciated.

    Her story can be found here;
  2. Wow the support is overwhelming :(

    This an update from the foundation;

    On Friday the Grand Prix people confirmed Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation as this years Charity of Choice at this years MotoGP at the Island. This will
    give us huge exposure for the Zaidee Pins and patch when we officially launch them in October.
    Our Zaidee's Triumph Bike is currently being painted up and many other great
    things going forward for Zaidee's Campaign into the Bike Industry.
  3. Vic, no criticism, but this must be a Victorian charity is it; I've never heard of it :? ?
  4. Alan Turner, the father of the Late Zaidee Turner is Victorian and here is where the foundation was 'born" however, the aim of hte foundation is to get the message across the entire Nation.

    Organ & Tissue donation awareness is what the foundation is all about.

    As a father, the worst thing that any parent can do is to bury a child.

    Alan asked us for some assistance, I'm happy to provide it where I can.
  5. No arguments here at all :).