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Z800 & MT09 Track Ability

Discussion in 'Naked' at netrider.net.au started by Zyrox, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Have narrowed my choices down to these two for a new bike.
    I want some opinions form owners or people who have ridden both.

    Main purpose is city fun and commuting so I don't want a full super sport and I like the look of a naked.
    As I have moved cities, it's now an option to do the odd track day and want to know which would be better suited for this.

    I am going to test ride the MT09 soon.
    The Z800 was awesome! I had to be careful on the new tires but, felt like the weight wasn't an issue and I could get some fun angles happening.

    Any info is great.


  2. Also to add, please NO get a Z1000.... I don't like the look and I don't want more power. ;-)
  3. I owned a pre-Z800 a Z750... loved it to bits. Can't go wrong with that machine, would love a Z800 when cash permits.
  4. uYjUuC9.

    Well in that case, I'd go with MT09 for the lighter weight, better handling and engine with more torque and better noise. And this is from a guy who owned and loved a Z750 for the better part of a decade.

    Welcome to NR, by the way.
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  5. buy a z1000 not for the power but for the TORQUE
  6. We have an MT-09 Tracer - which is a great bike for both one and two up. For the money, it is hard to beat the performance - that 3 cylinder motor is a honey and gives the bike a distinctive torquey power - throttle mapping wrinkles (riding modes) on the Tracer (and presumably the other 09s?) have been smoothed out - it goes like the clappers and is well steady with that fairing.
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  7. I'd say the MT09 but the Z800 is better balanced out of the box.

    You are probably going to find the front end too soft for the track but that can be fixed. The blokes I know with the MT09 find the front end soft and poorly damped to the point it's annoying - on the track that would be worse.

    It stopped me buying the bike at the time. But all you would need is gold valves and new springs to deal with most of that.
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  8. Second what Kalkadar said. Depending on your level you might find the front suspension way too soft for track usage, so you might want to budget that it if you opt for the MT09.
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  9. Thanks guys for the replies and the welcome! Cheers.

    I have read about the suspension and if I did find it too soft I would get it sorted. Looks like it's swinging toward the Mt09. Can't wait to ride one.

    Really want to hear of someone who has done some twisties or a track day on the Z800! I know your out there
  10. I have mixed feelings about my MT-09 - suspension bottoms out, rear can slide out on occasion, throttle snatch is bearable (after adjusting for play) and unexpected embarrassing wheelies at lights if not paying attention. This bike really highlights your mistakes but if you are experienced you'll have fun. Make sure to visit the welcome lounge and post pics when you get the bike!
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    Last edited: Aug 12, 2015
    I own an MT09 and like to ride like a dickhead.
    It'll need a suspension rebuild for the track.
    No. Doubt. About it.
    For commuting and the urban environment it's "fine"

    Did I mention I like to be a dickhead?
    I commute like I'm on fire - it's a good thing.

    I've ridden the Z800. It's not bad. It's just not good either.
    Heavy, same motor as Z1000 , sleeved down.....Why?
    Insipid for my taste.
    I'd prefer an older Z750 to be honest.

    Get the triple banger or get the Z donk in the configuration it was designed for. As a Z1000

    My 2c.
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  12. Hahaha! Love it!
  13. Of the 2 I find the Z800 more comfortable on the road and in the turns (including the Gillies Range) but I am 100kgs+ which is part of it.

    I disagree with Bitsar - on the road the Z800 is smooth and turns in well etc. It is very nicely balanced but I suspect the weight would be an issue on a track. If I was buying either though I would buy the MT09. If I was buying now I would probably buy it over the Tiger because my riding changed and fixing the MT09 is relatively easy.
  14. I think the MT09 will have a better resale value down the track, which is something i always consider and being the bike of the moment - especially if the suspension has been sorted. When i test rode one at the Yamaha open day the power, torque and delivery were excellent. The snatchy throttle is now sorted. The front end was woeful and the major concern. I had no confidence in it whatsoever and getting on the gas out of a corner just compounded that.
    However, i have ridden my mate's with new springs in the front and a Penske in the rear....... what a difference. That's what the bike should be. Yamaha should have done an 'R' version.

    So much so that i'd now seriously consider one next time around and do the mods.

    If you're serious about doing some track time you'll need/want to do this. After all, we're all as quick as Rossi in straight line, right?
  15. Reckon the MT09 would be a better overall option if you are willing to spend about $1000 + & get suspension done up to a appropriate spec so you could be comfortable & secure on road & track, would be well worth it as suspension is way more important than power. The MT09 is a late model bike so has more potential & resale, also being 3 cylinder provides a good compromise between road/torque & track/revs. Think the tracer is basically the same bike but more creature comforts & engine power spread differently to suit road but can be easily modified with chip/flash or something like that, all depends on your overall riding style, ie flat out around a track or more overall like on a road/commute.
  16. Wot he said. Adding weight to an engine to reduce the power... Just... Ew.

    MT09 is a brilliant engine with a flawed chassis, but those flaws can be fixed when you have the time and cash. It's a balltearer. You'll love it.
  17. My bike is a Z1000 and I love it. I tested both the Z800 and the MT09. The Z800 felt better balanced and more stable, but also heavier. The MT09 was more torquey, lighter and felt MUCH lighter. However the MT09 was far less stable and didn't feel as well balanced. Also the three cylinder engine sounds crap, especially with the optional Akrapovic exhaust. For commuting, I think the MT09 could be better, but for highway cruising or track work, I'd go the Z800 (Even though it weighs more than my Z1000)
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  18. I remember once on Top Gear watching a professional german driver of the fairer sex challenge Jeremy Clarkson around the N'ring. Seems unfair right, she was the 'ring's specialist driver. But he had some quick as fcuk XFR Jag (can't remember the version) and pushed out a reasonable time. She had to use a bog-standard tradie van, one of the bigger bodied ones. Managed it in about 3 seconds slower than he did in a vastly superior and far quicker vehicle (btw it was funny as hell watching this lady going nuts at all the cars and bikes in her way, overtaking pretty much all of them)!

    So what's my point - buy whatever bike you like most and suits your primary purpose best, then work on your riding skills as much as possible so you can ride anything you like at the track for the odd day out and you'll still do ok.

    Disclaimer: Obviously if you intend to track a whole lot, maybe a different story. Then maybe get a dedicated cheaper track bike as well :D
  19. Sabine-Schmitz.

    Sabine Schmitz
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  20. Thanks WombleWomble - and here's the link if you've got 10 mins!