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z750 what are they like

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kyan, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. some of you probably know I have been trying to buy a honda cb600 hornet. unfortunately there are not a lot out there for sale and in the next few weeks it is going to get to the stage where i need to buy a bike, ANY bike or I will be walking to work (i dont walk if i can help it)

    so i am trying to expand on the range of models i'm looking to buy. i really want a naked bike.

    i've just come across the kawazaki z750 (up until now i didnt know it existed). I love the look of it but don't know much else about it. ANY feedback would be appreciated.

    in particular if anyone has knowledge of how it compares to the cb600.

  2. What year is it, klms etc ??

    Being a Kwaka you are already of to a great start though.. :grin:
  3. there isn't a particular z750 iam looking at but i would say from my research so far that it would need to be a 2004 or 2005 to have a chance of falling into my budget range
  4. 04 / 05 model, not a problem there.. Much better than the 600 IMO ..

    They arent a huge bike, so for someone like me who is 6'1" they are a tad small i find.

    They are very easy bike to ride, handle great and stop pretty good too. Pretty much can ride them all day without to many stops as they sitting position is fairly upright.

    You should be able to pick up one for a reasonable price..

    Have you considered the Z1000, say in an 03 model. Does that suit your budget. ??
  5. yes i did have a look and even the 2003's are out of my budget...
  6. Ok thats fair enough... No problems..

    So go with the 750 if thats what suits.. Great all rounder and reliable as they come.. I am sure you will find something that suits your budget and bemore than happy with it.. :grin:

    Good luck with your search, you are on the right track with the Z750 i say.. :twisted:
  7. thanks for the review link... good reading
  8. The Z750 was on my list of bikes before I bought my Hornet. It would be a good choice.

    Its a pity you arent in Vic, I am thinking of putting my Hornet on the market very soon...
  9. z750 is a great all round bike.

    -good mileage
    -good handling
    -linear power(makes it easy and predictable)
    -good upright seating(can sit like that all day, less weight on wrists). Also good view if your commuting
    -very reliable
    -very reasonable price if you get 2nd hand like me. Alot of bang for your buck.

    -suspensions fine for commuting but i've recently upgraded rear shock for better handling in the twisties
    -with braided brake lines the brakes are ok.
    -heavyish bike 200kg
    -windblast can be a problem on long freeway rides but it doesn't bother me too much cause i just rest on the tank.
    -pillions with hate you

    Went from a 250 to the z750 and for me it fit like a glove. Very friendly to new riders due to its linear power delivery. I can sit on it all day though other users find the seat abit hard. I don't commute with it just a weekend toy i use to enjoy the twisties.
  10. Ditto what livingstonst said.

    I've had mine for just over 2 years and love it. It's very easy to ride and is at home in the city as well as out in the twisties. Only major downside for me is the vibration which you get around 6K revs, apart from that, top bike.

    Hey livingstonst - what did you do with the suspension?? I've just bought a 636 shock off ebay in the US to chuck on mine, apparently it just slots right in... Picked it up for a bargain, $50!!!
  11. talk to AnotherMacca, he's got one.

    Apparently they vibrate like like there's no tomorrow at higher revs.

    Other than that..they look cool...latest model less so though.
  12. It's a good bike, but you might not find a whole lot of them for sale either.
  13. I've got an 07 model and love it. You won't be dissappointed with the power and/or handling unless ur coming from a R1, Gixxer1000 etc. Plus, I reckon they look horn! They would have to be one of the smoothest bikes i've ever ridden with FI. Kawasaki really have this sorted.
    The seating posi is upright and comfy, but the seat is bloody hard.
    Yeah, it's a little on the porky side, but it's also much cheaper than an R1 or Gixxer1000. If I had $11.5K to spend, and was in the market for a new bike, I'd get another one tomorrow.

    Try and get a ride of one, a few dealers around have demos. I reckon you'll be sold. Oh, post the pics of it up when you get it a'ight! :cool:
  14. The infamous vibration problem of the z750:
    -when i first got the bike if i went for a ride 1hr or longer my hands would be numb.
    -replace handgrips with some nice comfy gel like grips(i got progrip)
    -also put on some heavier bar ends(i got salamader bar ends from the states)

    Honestly this is all it takes to solve the problem. Now i can ride all day with no vibration problems. However........the mirrors still vibrate. I'm working on that problem.
  15. have you considered waiting & getting a new hornet 600?
  16. I didnee think you could get them in Australia very easily...

    Edit: Answered my own question after getting to page 4. :twisted:
  17. Can any owners of the Z750 tell me what the buffeting is like? I'm going to be doing a fair bit of freeway travel, with inner city in equal measure and I just want the right bike.

    I've come from a sportsbike, so definitely don't want a faired sportsbike. I plan on keeping my back for the next 10 years.

    Would this bike be good for those purposes?

  18. If your going to be doing alot of freeway then you may get tired on the z750. Even with a screen you get a fair amount of buffeting. Sometimes i have to lean forwards sportsbike position if i'm getting tired.
  19. I have an 08 model, in blue.
    Lovely linear smooth engine. I did try quite a few bikes before buying this .
    Easy to handle, mediocre brakes (but not bad), suspension needs adjusting to harder settings to get better handling... Mirrors are narrow, so if you have wide shoulders, you'll have issues seeing behind. Apart from that I can't see anything else that is negative. I don't get the hard seat issue or vibration problems (but it could be a pre 08 issue).

    The bike is easy to ride all day, very stable (200+ Kg), torquey (compared to zingy 600's I have tried) and steers quickly...
    If you are on the motorway mostly, forget about it...wind will be an issue although you can get screens (at the risk of changing the good looks drastically). Range approx. 250/275 K's for me...Just my tuppence of info.