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Z750, Annika

  1. nina submitted a new showcase item:

    Z750, Annika

    Read more about this showcase item...
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  2. Congrats.
  3. Very nice Nina. Suits you.
  4. She looks good Nina.
  5. Mmmm, sexy.
  6. Nice ride, Nina!
  7. Thanks guys!
    I'm slowly starting to get to know her. Still a long way to go!

    I really have to take some pictures of her myself. Especially since she doesn't have that huge WA plate anymore, but a much smaller VIC plate.
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  8. Awesome looking bike Nina - you can't go wrong with a Kwaka I reckon :)

    I hope that you're enjoying the process of getting to know her.
  9. Looks the goods Nina......I like the colour.......

    Although not a Ninja it is somewhat important to remember that:

    "Real" Ninja males were/are Blue (not all black).....don't you?
  10. Congratulations Nina, hope you enjoy your new ride.
  11. @BitSar so she is almost a ninja. Just like me, just missing the 'j' ;)
  12. Well eh - yes......and anagram of "N.I.N.A" + "J" does in fact lead to ninja :D

    Nice one!
  13. Wet roads yesterday... now she's a dirty girl. I waited too long with taking pictures. Now I'd have to clean her first *sigh*