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Z50 with 110cc

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Deadsy, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. I recently bought this bike on Ebay:


    It is a Honda Z50 with a Chinese 110cc engine in it. It needs a little bit of work and I have some mods in mind for it. I also plan to build a small backyard track to use it on, which would be great fun.

    Does anyone know which Z50 model it is? The fuel tank looks like a KO - K1 one but I don't think those had front and rear suspension. I want to put Z50R dirt bike style plastics on it but I don't know if they will fit?
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  2. For some reason all I can think of is

  3. Should be stamped on the steering head/tube is all i know of them.
    If not, bugger all idea :p.
  4. Does anyone know if the different shaped tanks and the dirt bike style plastics of the Z50R are interchangeable with other Z50s?

  5. [MENTION=33072]NiteKreeper[/MENTION] should make that his new avatar :LOL:
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  6. Thats So like my 1st ever motorized cycle ,mine was a kwaka 75 ,it had no brakes ,cracked ontop of the carbs so the throttle would stick on ,not even a kill switch

    Ive since come to the conclusion , the parental unit (s) really did not like me.
  7. Haha. Yeah this has no front brake and a 125cc engine (not 110 as a I thought). Such great fun in the backyard.
  8. My backyard was some serious shit - State forest , even with what would be now the old old pacific highway.i could ride for miles

    That little thing took me everywhere & taught me quite a bit about what i need to play the banjo

    Now someone needs too put up a pic of a commodore64
  9. Oh wow , i musta been so high when i typed that. So many thanks , you dont know where that pic took me. it was a good place
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