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Z300 "tickles"...

Discussion in 'Naked' started by hornetster, May 29, 2016.

  1. Not sure if this is the best spot for this query...?
    Asking for my brother who has recently bought a Z300, and is thinking (already!) he would like a little more.
    Before going out and looking for alternatives, he has had a chat to his local dealer, who has suggested that maybe, instead of another purchase, to do a bit of an update on the Z300.
    His suggestions are:
    1/ Fit a Yoshumira Slip on at about $500-00
    2/ A Bazzaz after market ignition at about $500.00

    Reckons that this will give him 4-6 extra HP, or maybe even up to 10... (Standard about 35.)

    Has anyone done this, or know if this sounds reasonable, and what sort of a 'noticeable' difference will this give to the performance of the bike??
    All comments appreciated.

  2. 30% more power? I don't think so Tim.... may sound like it though :D
  3. Don't waste the money if it's purely to gain power. A 40hp bike feels just as slow as a 35hp bike, even if you are going slightly faster.
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  4. If he's on L's he should learn to ride the bike properly, get all the skills needed before jumping to an unrestricted bigger bike at a later stage, if he's on a full license, forget the upgrades and buy a bigger bike, no question.
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  5. I've thought about getting aftermarket suspension on mine to make the long ride's more comfy and the bumbs less bumpy.
    Personally I wouldn't spend money on trying to gain more power. Like mentioned above, if he is on his L's he should be out practising skills and defensive riding over trying to go fast.
    Z300's will beat most small/mid size cars on the road anyway..
    Be safe and enjoy!!
  6. If you want to be quick, learn the art of riding. More power only helps pushing into a wind, the rest of the time the small amount of extra power will not be noticed.
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  7. Spend the money on riding classes and gain skills that will both make you safer and faster, AND last a lifetime. Dropping a grand on a perfectly adequate bike that still has more to give than he's able to use is wasted money you won't get back when you trade it in.
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  8. Assuming he needs a learner bike he's better off selling it and getting a 650
  9. And you may save money on your insurance if you complete some certified riding courses.
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  10. Rather than spend money on a bike built to a budget, money you will NEVER get back, here's couple of things to try

    buy either a lambs wool seat cover or an Air Hawk seat cover.
    You could play around with the fork oil weight.
    Does the rear have any adjust-ability? If so is the pre-load set properly for you, or as closed to properly as you can get.