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Z1300 intermitent fault

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by saintan, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. 1984 Z1300, carby model.

    Both my bikes were taken of the road when my daughter was born 6 years ago.

    The Z1300 in particular was stored right, oil down the pots, batery removed, bike elevated ect. Except for no starter motor it was still very tight and running perfect.

    Now it has a new starter and preped to run, It took some coaxing to fire after years of storage but fire she did.

    After a 15minutes of extremely rough running, it soon smoothed out to a purr and then I nailed it hard. Forget about no rear shocks (blown seals) as the arse end lowered, the bike screamed like the day I bought it.

    Put the bike away for the day and when starting the next day, ran fine then started missing all of a sudden like a blocked jet i thought.

    Had carbys off about dozen times so far and there is no blockage in jets, needle/seats are fine and adjusted. On about the 7th time of removeing carbys/cleaning and re-installing I decided to take it for a decent run.

    The whole 3 hour run it was missing quite seriously then 2 minutes from home it smoothed out perfectly again. Laid some black marks around celebrateing and shut it down after a cool down.

    Next day, fired up and was missing again.

    Has new plugs, oil and fuel cock has beenremoved/cleaned, new fuel filter and fuel lines and carbys cleaned. Coils are suspicious though i think it would never have run hard if they were stuffed.

    Number 4 out of 6 cylinders is fouling the plug while number 3 shareing the same carby dosn't foul as bad. Hmmmm, maybe leads?

    The bike back fires like it's running lean and the last ride seen the fuel filter emptying so as the bike stopped. Sit beside the road for a minute and let the brand new fuel filter fill back up and off it goes with the usual miss/lean sound. Stops back fireing when warmed up.

    Any ideas or help appreciated.
  2. Seems that you've eliminated most of the obvious problems.

    Float heights adjusted/operating properly? This could account for #4 running rich.

    Fuel lines getting pinched by the tank, etc? I've seen this before, the bike will start to run properly when warm, as the fuel lines soften and allow fuel through.

    Seeing as your filter was running dry, you would have to suspect the fuel lines as playing up. Split vacuum/fuel line somewhere perhaps?

    Battery/charging problems? This could cause a weak spark/misfiring. Check the reg/rec to see if it's putting out a healthy voltage.

    Not real helpful, but more to eliminate all the same...

  3. Won't hurt to try new ones if they're fairly old, can be an amazing difference in the way an engine runs sometimes after installing new leads.
  4. Thanks for replys, helps me look at it in a fresh light.

    The part about fuel bowl emptying is really getting to me as to what causes this. Wondering if the breather isn't free flowing and if thats possible to make the bike run like it does.

    My luck it would be blocked but that won't be the problem. It feels like fuel, I hope it's fuel because I can't afford electrical at the moment.

    Aint this the fun part, 4368 diffent pieces in a bike and you have to work out wich one is bodgy.
  5. Yes, but look at it this way; how many other people can come on a motorcycle forum and say that they own a Z1300???

    Ah the old Pipe Organ, I could tell some tales....
  6. I also own Fischer and Pykle washing machine that does 1000 RPM and sounds similar to a Concord on take off, Have a guess wich one impresses the ladies. lol.

    It was one sexy washing machine in it's day, not every one can appreciate the 13's but every one likes clean clothes : )
  7. First off, excellent bike! I so nearly bought one....
    I reckon a few things. I would throw some plugs and leads at it, with new spark plug caps.
    Then, to check for a fuel delivery issue, I'd run teh bike around on prime, as this bypasses the vacuum operation of the tap.
    It definitely sounds like a fuel delivery issue to me. Teh fuel bowl draining may wel be a fuel bowl not getting fuel.
    I'd consider new needles and seats, or soak them in thinners overnight. Maybe they are sticking closed.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. OK, just concentrateing on what could possibly make the fuel filter run empty.

    Carbys havn't been taken back off yet but fuel tap and tank are all off/apart.

    1stly, there is no vacum Diaphram on the fuel tap, only one Line comes off the fuel tap and thats is deffinately for feeding the carbys fuel.

    Breather at the back of the tank is connected internaly to fuel cap breather and is all free flowing/ no blockages found.

    Fuel line is deffinately not kinked, it's run on a large enough radius and is 100% visible to see there was no kink when the fuel filter was empty.

    Initialy when the new filter was installed with new lines, it was kind of "vapour locked" and refused to be filled by gravity. Fuel bowls were empty and I had to bleed the fuel filter to get to fill.

    Fuel filter is exactly same type/position as what was removed and for the life of me I can't see how/why it would run empty with full tank of fuel and unrestricted fuel delivery.

    I have found no problems so far and I'm stumped as to possabilitys on such a simple part.

    Carbys about to come off and pull apart even further than I have done previously, this could cost money I don't have if a diaphram gets torn accidently or anything else goes wrong for that matter.

    I should have some spare fuel line still and may try to stand fuel filter on end so as feed is vertical and not horizontal into the fuel filter though this was never a problem before and I don't see why it should be now.

    I aint touching electrical till fuel is 100% off the list as a possible cause to poor running, I refuse to take parts of my Voyager to fix the 13, ie~ remove coils and try them on other bike ect.

    Any other ideas appreciated.
  9. Can I be really silly and suggest that while the filter may be new, and installed exactly as the old one was, that it still could be faulty? Can you try running the bike without the filter, (making sure you've got as clean as possible fuel in the tank, of course!)?
  10. I think two things to check mate

    1 the carby vent hoses are clear and not blocked from vaque memories of years ago they originate from the top of float bowl they maybe combined into a manifold arrangement so if the tube is perished all block and will give that vapour lock

    2 The condition of your needles and seats if they are the rubber tip variety you need some new ones 6 years dry they will have deterieated if brass type corrosion will have got to them there easier dip them in some brasso and relap them

    Good luck just some thoughts
  11. Try running it with the fuel filler cap open. It sounds like low fuel pressure and it could be as simple as a blocked vent in the cap.
  12. nearly, the line comeing of the fuel tank breather disspeared inside a maze ans I found evidence of it being squashed to some degree, when bike got hot I suppose it closed completely and hence trouble.

    Bike is screaming again now, thanks for all your input guys/gals.

    No rear shocks mean I bottom out when i hit it hard, lol.

    I'm happy now, especialy since I can't afford anything anyway. I'll start on the Voyager now as it has so much work that needs to be done and it's the one I want registered for me and my daughter.

    The Z13 is my personal rocket ship and is in no way to be considered "family transport" like the Voyager is intended to be.

    Big thanks to all : )
  13. How are the coils set up on these? One for each cylinder?

    Youre assement of the 4 rich, 3 lean is correct. I'd be looking at spark. Pull the plugs out and earth them on the side of the motor. compare how they all spark. This will give you and idea of what if it's a spark problem.
  14. Yep .. I that exact same problem on my ZL1000 ... couldn't work it out .. changed the diaphragm in the vacuum tap, did my best to clean the cap vent etc etc ..

    The bike stopped/appeared to run out of fuel intermittently, then it did it one day while I was up Reefton Spur.

    As I pulled up on the side of the road .. it was so quiet up there that I could hear this "sucking" sound ... opened the fuel cap and the thing sort of gasped ..

    Left the fuel cap off for the rest of the run and all was fine. In the end I replaced the standard fuel tap/petc0ck with a Pingel Power-Flo high volume tap and haven't had a problem since.
  15. What's the latest on this saintan?
  16. The latest is I blew some cob-webs out of it, just a quick run out to CBC bearings at Eastern-Creek, runs hard and smooth.

    No rear shocks virtualy, makes for intersting behaviour and I tend to agree new leads at least will smooth it out even more.

    I can't afford the $600 insurance to register, spare cash goes into the Voyager. The 13 is my toy, the Voyager is supposed to be family transport.

    So yeah, runs well but it's not the bike I need running : )