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Z1000 what's not to like I ask?

Discussion in 'Naked' started by Oldmaid, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. After the equivalent of speed dating on a motorbike, Zeddee and I went home together yesterday.
    That saga has already had a flogging on other areas of NR.
    Today was a new day and I had a get out of jail card for a few hours so decided to go for a ride.
    But first was a bit of slow riding, braking and tight turning practice on the netball courts.
    That bike is so so sweet to ride, so smooth and light to handle.
    So after about 20 mins decided to head on out up the Putty. Plenty of traffic for me to practice my stops.
    The issue is that the left layout is slightly different to that of Wasabi and being inexperienced my brain has learnt where wasabi's gear lever, peg and kick stand was with my eye's closed. Was second nature to me.
    The other thing is that Wasabi's kick stand was angled well out from the bike so it was easy to sweep your foot off the peg, catch the stand and down she was.
    On Zeddee my problem is that I haven't got my bearings innately as yet and the kickstand is almost parrallel to the bike so my foot is like a drunk looking for a powerpoint in the bathroom, madly waving my foot around trying to connect and then I have to really lean over to watch what I am doing. This then means I feel unbalanced on the bike which is how I am sure it looks as well.
    Also the spring is so tight I get it 2/3 of the way down and then struggle to keep my foot that close to the bike to get the stand all the way down. Not a good look.
    I have booked Zeddee in for his 1000km service on the 31/1 so I will see if they can adjust the kick stand at all.

    Now the bike is quite nicely laid out with easy access to the radiator reservoir which makes a change from having to take the side fender off. The idle adjust is also easily accessible.
    Not much happening under the pillion seat but as long as I can get my Krieger strapped on, not caring.
    One thing that threw me, is that to access the pillion storage area, the whole seat comes out. So it is shit easy to access the battery, fuses etc but on the down side, the way the lugs link the seat back are a bit temperamental, so you do need to fiddle a bit to get the seat back nicely.
    So the start up is stock standard although I find the ABS light a bit disconcerting as it doesn't go off until you move off. I like to see no warning lights on my dash thanks but I will get used to it.

    Handling is an absolute frickin delight. Taking it easy at present as running in engine and tyres but this bloody bike sure as shit has some serious serious giddyup!
    Eeeee har. Plenty of torque there for playing with and slipping him back from fourth to third invites some serious momentum. Even in third, cracking over 90km/hr he still only sits the rpm at about 5000
    Pulled from 0-100km in seconds flat and was really sooo amazing. sixth gear is hardly needed at present but that slipper clutch niiiiiiiccccce. I will get some shorty levers perhaps.

    The front brakes are quite a step up from Wasabi but I find the rear brakes pretty ordinary.
    My issue, not Zeddee's is that I am currently grabbing a bit too much front when pulling up at the lights which of course moves my centre of gravity and given my reticience with the height at present, makes for a bit of an occasional over balance (nearly dropped him twice but didn't yay team..)

    Cornering on a bigger bike is unreal. Seriously. The added weight, tyre width and that smooth purring engine somehow combine to make my cornering better than it actually is. But shit, I'll take it.
    Really lovely through tight corners and I didn't brake at all just used the roll on and off of the throttle but it felt so seamless. I found that I was taking most corners 20-30 km above posted and that wasn't intentional it just felt right.
    As to my lines in the corners, others would have to judge that. Felt fine and dandy to me but...
    The only thing that is really hurting at the moment is my calf and the left leg peg. Because of my stupid brain relying on past positioning of everything I am retraining my feet to be placed differently and it isn't always successful. I have the haematoma from hell and I am a tad worried that I will do some permanent vascular damage there if I am not careful. I am buying some new Sidi full length boots in a few weeks but even so, it is my stupidity causing it.
    But like Pavlov's dog, the pain of that bruising is certainly reinforcing that little voice saying, move your leg back you silly cow, ouch, try again, ouch etc. i smell like a front rower after hard rugby game slathered in hirudoid! Hurts like a biatch and I had only just reduced the last collection I gave myself on the test ride 2 weeks back.

    So there it is, my Zeddee. Today was such a fun, fun, exhilarating ride (embarrassing moment with kickstand withstanding ) and we will get there. Already today my stopping and balance was heaps better than yesterday, with 60% smooth, foot down etc and 25% not too bad and the other 15% well, let's just say I wish my P plates were there to hide my shame at looking like I was trying to tapdance on a 20c piece. Not pretty.
    Zeddee is one sexy looking beast and it is a shame they didn't put LED in the indicators but I can sort that later.
    No regrets at all. None. I will be practicing hard and riding as much as I can so I can do Zeddee proud!
    He is so beautiful and deserves to be ridden well.


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  2. What size feet do you have ? I have a pair of virtually new Sidi Gortex in stock, too small for me. Size 8 I think.
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  3. Wow I take a size 8 or 39 EU!
    Let me know how much you want for them and postage etc by PM.
    Thank you!!:happy:
  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of big bikes, Miss Jane :)
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  5. Great write up OldmaidOldmaid it's a lot of bike to wrangle by anyone's standards. But your methodical approach will make you fluent in no time at all! The Z1000 certainly is sexy especially with those LED projector headlights. Love it!
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  6. Yep like a transformer or war of the worlds!
    Looks great at night too.
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  7. Haha OldmaidOldmaid Definately war of the worlds.. The Cruise remake lol
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  8. Great write up................enjoy!
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  9. I must say that for a relatively new rider on a big bike u should be proud of that rear tyre darling. Not a chicken strip to be seen anywhere. Nice work.
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  10. He's certainly a very nice beast, that's for sure. Enjoy the ride OldmaidOldmaid!
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  11. Sorry the boots are a bit big for you Jane. Will put them in the marketplace now they are out of the cupboard :)
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  12. Why would a drunk need a powerpoint in a bathroom?
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  13. You floozie oldmaid, but Zeddee is hot so understandable. I really like the angry eyes headlights!
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  14. I guess I meant a lightswitch you know in the dark, pissed banging your hand up and down the walls, trying to find the light switch...that's my leg and that bloody kickstand...might have to rig up something like a lever to lower it or something :whistle:
    Na we'll get there...just made an absolute dick of myself today (what's new lol).
    Lovely sounding litre bike...pulls into colo heights road house. Quite a few bikes there, guys eyes light up at the bike.
    I pull up reasonably and i spent FIVE MINUTES seriously FIVE MINUTES trying to get the kickstand down and got quite flustered. They were all roaring with laughter. Got it in the end but how humiliating. Kinda killed the moment. But anyway laughed it off externally but was a tad shattered on the inside.
    I took off okay thank goodness and chased one of them down and overtook him. Silly but it felt very sweet to me.
    I hate that kickstand and will master the bastid if it is the last thing I ever do!
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  15. For a naked, the z1000 certainly does look good.

    Sounds like you need to just sit on the bike and practice putting the side stand up and down.
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  16. Ok, light switch makes sense.

    Was it really 5 minutes or just felt like it? Anyway, everyone else has said this, but ride how you want to ride, don't let embarrassment drive how you ride. Choose your own speed, not somebody elses. We'd miss you if you overdid it. And what BanzaiEliseBanzaiElise just said :)
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  17. Na seriously five minutes...I was a leg flap from asking one of them to come and pull it down for me but that really would have been time to call a ute to come pick us both up!
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  18. It's always what amounts to a detail that gives the most frustration with a new toy. And no one came over to at least ask if they could flick the kickstand down. Good to know the journey continues with a few more kilowatts to play with, what an awesome pre-Christmas day.
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  19. Love, love, love my Z. Can't recall having any issues with the stand, although remember how very different from the VTR. Also the fact that it felt like my arms were hanging out in space... In fact, I always know a Z rider when I see them out and about (which isn't often) bc their arms look like open taxi doors.

    Take care with the original tyres. I thought they were absolute crap, and better riders than me agreed with me. Couldn't wait to put the Roads on.
  20. I would also have a hard time coping with that. I'd very likely ride off again (and they'd laugh longer).
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