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Z1000 v Speed Triple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Seedy, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. These are two of about a billion bikes I am trying to decide between at the moment once I sell mine. Just putting this post up here because I found this shootout between the two (2010 models) and thought it might be useful for someone else looking at similar things. Seems they are a fairly common couple of bikes people have trouble deciding between, and the shootout does a fairly good job of answering a lot of common questions.


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  2. If I had to select between these two, I personally would go for the Speed Triple.
  3. That's what I thought too, but after reading that review I'm not so sure. They sound very evenly matched, and the Zs are a fair whack cheaper. Will have to try and test ride a few.
  4. When I can find the spare change for a new bike, it's likely to be a Speed Triple. If nothing else, the fact that I already have a Z750 means I'll probably be ready for a bigger change. That and I've lusted for one for some time (the pre-2011 models, anyway - don't like the look of the new ones).

    Then again, I've got a bit of a hard-on for pretty much all of the other litre-plus nakeds (including the UJMs). A lot of choice in the segment.
  5. At the end of the little straight the both took off down, the Triple was in 3rd and the Z was still in first..
  6. I've been super happy with my Z1K. That said the new Speed gets great write ups. The difference in price was enough for me. I found both bikes fairly similar. The Zed has more power, no question, but the Speed is a bit more agile. The new Speed certainly isn't as full on as the old Speed and no where near as brutal as the Zed, despite probably being quicker around a track than both.

    I put both very similar in terms of performance, but the amount of money I'd spend on the Speed in terms of accessories as well as the massive difference in initial outlay was enough to push me to the Z1K.
  7. I test rode both, same day within an hour of each other.

    I suggest you do similar.

    The speed triple just felt like "home".

    And well right now it is. (stu-h.Tumblr.com)

    The z felt heavier, and the new speedy 2011 has a little
    More grunt, but I couldn't get used to the new steering geometry in the 24 hours I had one to play with.

    Ride em. It's the only way to know.
  8. There's a big difference from the previous S3 to the 2011 model - enough to make comparos like that one at least somewhat redundant. I'd read all the reviews you can find of the 2011 S3 to see the differences and how much sharper they've made it, then take that into account as best you can.
  9. Thanks all. To be honest I won't even be looking at the models featured in the shootout, my budget is probably going to allow for 2005-08 Zs, and I think the S3 is gonna be out of the picture. Just thought the article could be helpful for anyone looking at buying those models second hand.

    One day I will buy a new bike... but it won't be my next one!