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Z1000 - they could be onto something...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by RacingTurtles, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Fresh from the net - some very positive first impressions of the 2010 model of Kawasaki Z1000. Their conclusion:

    "The new Z1000 costs less than most comparable super nakeds from Europe and yet it manages to equal their outright performance."

    ... I like the sound of that :)

    Read the rest of the review here
  2. Looks awesome! I want one
  3. It's getting good early reviews. The gist so far is that it's not quite as sharp as the good Euros, but is no less better for it on the road. That probably means it's more user-friendly and at a lower price, but still with respectable go. MCN calls it the best of Japanese "Supernakeds".

    On the spec sheet it looks the goods. This one could be a real stormer.
  4. I like it! Would like to see how much$$. Just wish they would get someone else to design their cans for them!
  5. NICE. i dig the new headligh cowl and belly pan. They have always been great value for money.
  6. Not so much of a fan, although I'm sure it'd be a blast to ride. I'm not going to just outright say that I don't like the looks of it, but I'm going to reserve judgment until I see one in the flesh.

    Personally, I'm underwhelmed.

    - boingk (excuse the following rant)

    EDIT: And yes, wayned, its going to be a stormer! Goddamn, I'm getting over this kind of thinking. Why do we need that much power? WHY? Most people I see can't friggin' ride for nuts (I'm probably one of them, too, by the way) so why would they need a machine like that? Because 600's don't give you enough kick up the ass when you're pulling 3k? Jesus pleasus, go back to gearshifting school. Come back when you can hold a line and use a clutch, then we'll talk about letting you loose on a 150hp+ monster.

    I apologise again for the rant, but this is really irritating me. Maybe I have some sort of problem.
  7. still a lot of plastic on it for a naked bike though.....i still rate it though =D>

    also doesn't look like much room for the front wheel to move...the clearance between the headlight and guard looks tight
  8. Thats what I thought, one of the styling cues that threw me off. It makes the front of the bike look like a Bug 100 scooter...

    - boingk
  9. About phucking time!

    The Europeans pwn the serious naked bike sector simply because the japs have been so half-arsed in their approach. Stop detuning, stop making them bloated commuters! Give us bulk horspower and manly dollops of grunt with nice wide bars.

    I can't say I love the looks but the idea behind it is on track.
  10. 1) 600's do very, very little at 3K (675 triples a notable exception), so no, they don't give me enough of a kick up the arse. At 14k down the straight at Broadford there's plenty enough for fun, but I could still happily make use of more.

    2) This bike is a claimed 136hp, which will probably mean somewhat less than that at the rear wheel, so no 150hp+ monstrousness here.

    3) I'm not one of the people you see that can't ride for nuts. I can hold a line and use a clutch - I've been practising since the 80's.

    4) By "a stormer", I meant a great handling but also comfortable, practical and fun bike with good midrange (and hopefully down low too) and enough grunt for what anyone needs on the road. Also, a bike that could be a big sales success as a result.

    Does that clear it up any?
  11. I'm in complete agreement with boingk and then some. I wont elaborate more because tears would flow. Just gonna leave with a simple comment. If there isn't enough torque, your in the wrong gear. Learn to shift.
  12. Learn to read and comprehend. Then learn not to be a tosser. I'm pretty sure Boingk misunderstood what I said earlier, so I explaned further. You are still off by a mile.

    So I should buy a 600 with a fairing and change down three gears if I want to overtake on the open road, of should I just be in the "right gear" at 10 000rpm all the time just in case. Either option lacks appeal to me in day to day riding, so I go for something that actually does something NOW when I twist the throttle. Notice all those twins and triples around? The 1000 sportsbike (most of them) also have enough cubes to have decent grunt through the range.

    Spot the glaring contradiction in espousing a revvy sportsbike over something like the Z1000 if the ranting is about wanting a bike with (in someone's opinion) way too much power. The ZX10 has a crapload more hp than the Z1000, so explain how condoning a more usuable state of tune with a lot less top end is deserving of criticism without being a hypocrite?

    Please, do share your motorcycling wisdom. I hope your riding is better than your comprehension skills.

    That's my second and last polite answer.
  13. Sorry Zeker, but thats a huge load of shit.

    I can't stand the lack of available torque in a 600. does that mean I should cruise around everywhere at 9k rpm? The road != the racetrack

    Of course not, Ill get a z1000 and cruise around at comfortably at 4,000 and have enough torque to get me out of / in to trouble.

    600's are all good and well for the track, but they are just two revvie to have some sensible fun on the road.
  14. +1!

    Give me a naked litre bike everytime above a 600 sports for twisty and urban work!
  15. There is no finer thing in life than firing an overpowered sports bike out of a corner. It literally makes me giggle like a school girl.

    You can all crap on about apex speeds and lean angles and down changing gears. You could be the next Rossi for all I care. I love nothing more than twisting the go stick on a 120 hp plus bike and hanging on till I see baby Jesus or smell the colour purple. It could be in 1 st gear or 9 th gear for all I care.

    These new big sports naked bike are utterly brilliant for this and this Z1000 by Kawasaki is a welcome addition to the family. Another one to have a test ride of next year.

    (VtrElmarco freely admits he would be faster round a racetrack on a 600 than any other type of bike...)
  16. Zeker: Sports bikes tuned for power will produce peak torque high up in the rev-range. This can make them a pain (e.g. sluggish) at lower revs. Shifting gears works (of course), but its annoying and raising the revs uses fuel.

    Single purpose bikes would be a lot less common if the manufacturers would develop a proper motorcycle variable valve timing/lift system. Then our bikes could make peak torque over a much wider range and have the best of both works (power and tractability).
  17. This thread is hilarious.

    You're essentially arguing about what you prefer. It's all in your taste. Why can't we all get along and stop sprouting such devisive rubbish. Whatever floats your boat, I say. Be happy with what you ride, that's all.

    600's are buckets of shit though.
  18. Amen to that. I am quite happy riding my 'only' 100hp CBR600Fi - the sensible CBR. I don't actually need more torque or more HP. Still, I am pleased when Kawasaki (or anyone else) comes up with an improved bike... especially if it isn't going to break the bank. It appears this is what Kawasaki have done in this case - isn't it enough to rejoice?

    Come on, group hug everybody... :)
  19. ha! Some of you really should ride a 675 triple with a decent exhaust and see if you have the same opinion.
  20. Speak for yourself pal, there's plenty of people on this site that CAN ride and have done the hard yards to earn that ability. Wayne's one of them, and the reason you don't see 'em much is because they nick off rather quickly in the twisties. If you're happy with your level of skill, then fine - but if you want to improve, it might help if you listened to the wiser heads and showed a bit of respeck, yo. :beer: