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Z1000 shenanigans at Heathcote Raceway

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by deafwish, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. I got about 15 passes on Saturday with a PB of a flat 11.09 @ 126.9mph.
    Fastest through the traps was at 131.12mph.
    I had both the 954 Blade & ZX10R until about 2/3rds of the track and then their fairing did it's thing with that aerodynamics shit and I was left behind.
    I tried oh so hard to get into the 10's, but couldn't....... :(
    I had a ball, regardless!

    Here is the link of the day.
    Obviously I'm on the red coloured Zed! :roll:

    Keen to get into the 10's.
    Any ideas?

    Daz. :wink:
  2. ...

    how did the times feel?....bike felt like it gripped well off the line and you managed to keep the nose down?
    What gear did you end up in and did you have to change near the end or just hold it out?
    In some of the photos you looked like you were in front by a fair bit compared to the cbr... mebe a gearing issue?
  3. Was the dude on the Blade wearing jeans and blunstone slipons? :?
    Nice shots.
  4. Beautifully preped bike! :grin:

    What have you done to the engine? One thing, a free flow air filter makes the revs come up much faster, another thing is strapping down rear suspension. This may help get time into the 10’s.

  5. Hey guys,
    Yeh, the other riders were in rediculous attire for an event you do over 230km/h in..... :roll:
    The Zed has one tooth down at the front (same as the other bikes), a PC3, K&N air filter, Muzzy 4 into 1 Titanium exhaust, ZX636 shock and various bling bits.
    It did grip well with the Pilot Powers and launched pretty hard. No matter how hard I tried, the front comes up in 1st & 2nd...... :(
    I've done some research & I'm getting a pair of lowering links for the rear & buying a fork strap, to strap the front end down.
    I've been told that this will assist in almost half a second!
    Down side is the sise stand won't work, due to it being so low! :twisted:
    Obviously this will stricly be for the track.

    Daz. :wink: