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Z1000 required

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by QNBEE, Dec 30, 2013.

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  1. Hiya, does anyone know somebody or perhaps you yourself are selling a Z1000 2013 model in the burnt orange colour? Am missing riding desperatley and would like to get back onto two wheels :)

  2. Did the 2013 come in orange? I know the 2012 did (I've got one, but it isn't for sale!!), but the only orange on the 2013 images is the blk/wht/a tiny bit of orange. Maybe I missed something?
  3. Ok my fook up it is the 2012 model
  4. Z1000' s look awesome in the correct Kawasaki colour (green).
  5. Nope green would clash too much with my qnbee number plate
  6. Look awesome in burnt orange too! Very head turning!
  7. Agreed, they're just all round awesome bikes (except the 2nd generation). Loved my green 2011 something rotten.
  8. Hi QNBEE.

    Where is Yallambie?

    If it is any place within cooee of Hornsby, NSW, I might just know someone with one of them.
  9. Greydog, the one I'm looking for is the same as yours, is that called burnt orange? If so then ok I'll rephrase the requirement to a Z1000 2012 in burnt orange lol

    CrazyCam, Yallambie is nooooooooooooooooo where near you, it's a suburb in Melbourne ;)
  10. The one on the left/front.
  11. Burnt orange/candy orange..take your pick.
    Are there any on Bikesales?
  12. #12 CrazyCam, Dec 30, 2013
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2013
    OK, so I tried.... hang me for it. :)

    I only know a couple of suburbs of Melbourne, and then only by name, not where they are, if they had a VFL team.

    As it turns out, the one I know of isn't anything like the colour in the piccie, it's an ORANGE bike, owned by a Northern Irish bloke, and they know about ORANGE. ;)
  13. Yeh thats the one
  14. One on bikesales but in SA :(

  15. $90 flight.

    $90 fuel.

    Back home, same day.:)
  16. That idea did actually cross my mind. I do have a bike in mind but the guy has gone away til the middle of Jan and I'm getting impatient :s
  17. I tell you what - the new 2014 looks pretty damn tasty to my eye.
    I might have to test one when they arrive in Feb.

    Good luck with the hunt QNBEE
  18. That looks great, love the pillion seat ;-)
  19. Well now I have my dirty picture for January...
  20. Oh.. it seems it only comes in an ugly grey/green combo in Aus for 2014 :( It's my ER6 all over again.. when I went to get a black one, they dropped black and only had white or green.
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